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Round or rectangular trampoline, for children or for fitness

Once expensive, trampolines are now accessible to everyone for really reasonable prices . They are practical, easy to install and well secured.

What are the most common models and on what criteria to choose them  ? We explain everything you need to know before you start. Are you ready to jump for joy? So this is where it happens!

The different forms of trampoline?

The most common shapes found in gardens are round trampolines, but there are rectangular ones intended for sports and competition in gymnastics clubs.

However, it doesn't stop there since you can also find models for collective use at campsites or theme parks.

These battery trampolines have between 2 and 10 jumping fabrics so that users do not hinder each other.

The mini-trampolines are reserved for the practice of fitness or for rehabilitation exercises with a physiotherapist.

For PE or club gymnastics lessons, small impulse trampolines are sometimes used to perform acrobatic figures or jump over horses.

Finally, on the beaches or in fairgrounds, the bungy trampoline is a joy for the youngest who can do somersaults and jump 5 or 6 m in height while being held by two harnesses.

Round trampoline

It is not easy to navigate among the wide choice of trampolines that exist on the market.

However, if you want a round model for your garden, which is solid and French brand, we advise you to test the Mars XXL model from Alice's Garden .

Its 305cm diameter is convenient even if you don't have a huge space.

It fits easily into the landscape as long as there is nothing that could interfere with the immediate perimeter of the installation.

The jumping mat (261 cm in diameter) is made of polypropylene, it is made in the United States which guarantees a very good quality .

Indeed, the United States is recognized for making the best jumping fabrics in the world.

This guarantees you a solid, quality product with a long lifespan . The trampoline has 60 stainless steel conical springs , hot-dip galvanized 14.5 cm long.

They are covered with a protective pad in expanded polyethylene foam 28 cm wide and 20 mm thick .

The whole structure, whether it is the 3 W-legs, the net tubes and the trampoline frame, is made of hot-dip galvanized stainless steel .

The trampoline will therefore easily withstand bad weather, will not rust and will not deform even with strong variations in temperature .

The removable protective net has a zip closure reinforced with clips. The zipper is bright yellow so you can easily spot the exit in the event of a problem.

Easy to assemble, this trampoline must nevertheless be very well secured to resist the wind and not topple over when children are inside.

For safety, you will therefore need to get an anchor kit and a small ladder to facilitate access to this outdoor game.

Its price remains affordable, count around 130 euros to acquire the Mars XXL Alice's Garden.

His advantages :

  • Ease of installation
  • Compact
  • Good quality of materials
  • Well secured
  • The price

Its disadvantages:

  • Anchor kit not supplied
  • Ladder not supplied
  • The canvas used as a jumping mat is made of polypropylene ...
  • The springs are tapered and made of stainless steel, which offers ...
  • All our structures are in hot-dip galvanized steel ...

Rectangular trampoline

The rectangular trampolines are not exclusively reserved to competitive sport. It is quite possible to get a rectangular model for the garden.

The Upper Bounce brand has understood this and offers the general public models ranging from 4.27 x 2.44 m up to 5.18 x 3.05 m . The height of the net is between 269 and 274 cm .

This is enough to satisfy the jumping desires of young and old alike. The maximum weight allowed is 225 kg , so you can enjoy the trampoline at the same time as your children.

Rectangular trampolines have a longer life than round models because there is less stress on the springs due to the thick and reinforced frame .

In addition, this type of model allows better rebounds with better control and greater responsiveness .

So you can try just about any type of trick you want.

The jumping mat is designed in a very resistant polypropylene canvas with 8 rows of stitching for enhanced safety and to limit wear to a minimum.

The springs are made of very sturdy galvanized steel and are 18 cm long.

There are between 86 and 108 depending on the size of the chosen trampoline. The frame is also made of galvanized steel with a black coating for added strength and long-term rust resistance.

It is protected by a good thickness of foam covered with vinyl to protect against shocks and ensure perfect safety in the event of a fall.

The protective net closes with a zipper to which clips are added.

To acquire an Upper Bounce rectangular trampoline , plan a budget of between 640 and 750 euros depending on the size of the outdoor game.

His advantages :

  • Spacious
  • Well secured
  • Robust
  • Easy to install
  • Maximum weight up to 225 kg

Its disadvantages:

  • Need to be at least two people for the installation
  • The price

  • This rectangular trampoline is ideal for situations where ...
  • Designed with a Top Flex housing system. The net crosses ...
  • The frame is constructed of durable galvanized steel and ...

Differences between a children's trampoline and an adult trampoline

The trampoline is an outdoor activity that can be practiced from the age of 6 .

However, there are models for 2/4 year olds specially designed with support bars because at this age the sense of balance is not yet fully developed.

The correct size of a trampoline, whether intended for adults or children, must respect a difference of approximately 70 cm between the total diameter and the diameter of the jumping mat.

For example, if your trampoline is 3m70 in diameter , the canvas should be around 3m in diameter .

The major differences between best toddler trampoline and an adult trampoline are the size of the jumping mat and the maximum weight allowed.

For adults, you can prefer the round shape unless you want to improve your skills through assiduous sports training , then you can opt for a rectangular model.

For family and leisure activities, choose a minimum diameter of 3m60 with a maximum capacity of around 150 kg.

Obviously, it is possible to turn to larger diameters and capacities.

It all depends on the space you have and the number of adults who plan to jump on your trampoline.

Still, in terms of safety, the rules are the same as for children.

Your trampoline must be equipped with a safety net .

Even for adults, falls happen quickly and they can be all the more serious as an adult jumps higher than a child and that with the force exerted, the consequences of a fall are likely to be much more. serious.

Do not neglect the authorized weight limit. Even if your trampoline is large enough to accommodate several adults, the fact remains that the structure is not made to exceed 180 kg in most cases.

That being said, you can overcome this problem by choosing a rectangular trampoline that allows up to 225 kg like the Upper Bound model .

The benchmark for trampolines: the Kangui brand

The Kangui brand is the French benchmark for trampolines.

Since 1999, this company has offered the general public resistant trampolines, with excellent finishes, at absolutely fair prices.

We tested the Punchi Atoll trampoline , the diameter of which is available in 3 sizes 3m05, 3m60 and 4m30 .

All the design of this product is French except for the jumping mat whose technology is American.

The Kangui Punchi Atoll , black and turquoise, is supplied with a safety net, a heat-resistant PVC trampoline access ladder, an anchoring kit to secure the trampoline to the ground, not to mention a protective cover with a central eyelet to facilitate the drainage of rainwater.

Simple to assemble and move, this trampoline is made with sturdy and quality materials .

The whole structure is hot- dip galvanized steel to prevent rust from settling.

Tubes and T-fittings are 1.35mm and 2mm thick respectively .

The trampoline is equipped with 60 conical springs 175 mm long, in galvanized steel, which guarantee great resistance as well as very good jumping flexibility.

Safety is provided by a thick cushion above the springs . In addition, a bib is tied to the mat to prevent children from accessing metal parts and injuring themselves.

The opening of the safety net is facilitated by a large zipper.

The protective net is made of very resistant material, it is held by a fiberglass hoop which prevents the risk of tearing and untimely slipping along the uprights.

As for the jumping mat, it is made of US design polypropylene , reinforced by 8 rows of stitching for very long life .

The maximum weight allowed on this model of trampoline is 250 kg . Children and adults can therefore use this outdoor game without any problem.

To acquire this Kangui trampoline, you will have to pay between 250 and 360 euros , which is quite reasonable considering the quality of the equipment and the many accessories provided.

His advantages :

  • Easy to set up and move
  • Resistant and good quality materials
  • French design
  • Many accessories

Its disadvantages:

  • The price
  • Plastic parts of the anchoring kit not very resistant in very strong wind.
  • Installation instructions not always very clear
  • Pack PUNCHI ATOLL to discover the joys of the trampoline: A ...
  • A durable trampoline that is easy to assemble and move. In...
  • A very nice jumping flexibility for your children and you thanks ...

What are the different accessories?

To keep a trampoline in good condition for as long as possible and guarantee excellent safety, it is necessary to have some essential accessories .

The main ones are of course the safety net to guard against the risk of falls and a solid anchoring kit to keep your trampoline on the ground and prevent it from overturning.

For maintenance, a protective tarp is necessary to keep your jumping mat in good condition from season to season.

Finally, if you want access to the trampoline to be easier, especially for children, you can get a suitable ladder .

Protective cover for trampoline

A protective cover is necessary especially if you leave your trampoline outside even in autumn and winter.

To prevent your jumping mat from getting damaged due to rain and debris carried by the wind, choose a PVC or polypropylene tarpaulin whose material is very resistant to bad weather.

It is easily attached to the structure of the trampoline by elastic bands . Even with the presence of the protective net, its installation is really very simple .

For better evacuation of rainwater, make sure that your cover has a central eyelet , this will prevent the weight of the water from permanently accumulating on the jumping mat and damaging the structure of the jumping mat. your trampoline.

In the event of snow or frost, it is still recommended to retract the fragile parts of your trampoline if you can (net, cushion, PVC socks, etc.).

During hot weather, be aware that the trampoline cover also protects against UV rays which could damage your equipment.

Count around 45 euros for a universal cover intended for a 3 m diameter trampoline .

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