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Ryan Reynolds Glasses: The Style Icon Lives up to His Fame 

Does Ryan Reynolds wear eyeglasses to make a fashion statement? Well, the celebrity actor wears glasses for vision correction but his choice of glasses definitely speaks volume for his style sense. Ryan Reynolds glasses are as popular as the actor.

You might have noticed that he tries different shapes and styles of frames and looks dashing in all of them. In this article, we will talk about a collection of frames that Ryan has put on in films over the years.

If you love Ryan’s style, try them one by one. You may look hot and handsome like Ryan, who knows?

What glasses does Ryan wear?

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People have seen him wearing all kinds of stylish eyeglasses both on screen and off screen. These days, he seems to be fond of thick, rimmed, bold acetate frame. However, claiming that Ryan has always chosen the perfect spectacle will be an exaggeration. I have seen a photo of him wearing an outdated frame and could not appreciate his choice.

In recent times, his frame choice has been on point. He is mostly seen wearing Tom Ford. The brand seems to be one of his favourites. Some people believe he has been heavily inspired by Brad Pit as Angelina’s ex is known for his Tom Ford fascination.

Ryan is often seen sporting Tom Ford TF5178-001 model off screen. This model features high gloss black acetate with prominent T emblem on the temple wing.

In a Netflix interview on “My next guest needs no introduction with David Letterman”, he was seen wearing a rectangular frame that was a hot choice during 50s. The rim is a little bit extra thick and lends a retro character to the frame.

The style is pure classic and always looks great on those in love with a bolder frame. May be this could be the reason why Reynolds wears it all the time.

The edges of the frame feature slight winged detail, giving the eyeglass a retro vibe. Rim thickness seems to have been almost unchanged.

Ryan Glasses WSJ

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Ryan made it to the cover of the Wall Street Journal in October 2021. He featured not as a Hollywood celebrity but to discuss his business empire which is worth multi-million dollar.

In the interview, he sported Garrett Leight glass, another well-known regular frame brand. The spin off brand was set up by the son of Oliver Peoples and Larry Leight frame.

He chose Hampton Combo frame for the interview. It was a black and white picture; hence a little dig was necessary to find out the colour of the frame Ryan was wearing. He wore the same glass in an online interview and now we can safely say it was Olive Tortoise fade in colour.

The model features a semi-translucent acetate rim, flaunting a split tone of two colours. The upper half is dark olive/brown and the lower half is done in a rippled sandy shade. Matching temple tips and a metal side give the frame nice detailing.

Ryan has diversified his business. He bought Wrexham Football club in the Wales. He was seen sporting a Clubmaster style frame, in keeping with the event.

A little research reveals that the frame is Willman OV5359 from Oliver Peoples. The style of the frame is slightly different from what Ryan is often seen wearing.  However, this model also exudes a retro vibe and looks pretty good on him. The vintage shape is defined by a more weighted brow line.

It’s another acetate combo frame. Temple tips resemble horn-like effect. The pairing with the brand’s signature filigree metal temples gives it an aesthetic style. The metal frame front looks gorgeous with beautiful brushing. Detailing does not go unnoticed – a feature Oliver Peoples have always paid attention to.

What eyeglasses Ryan Reynolds wear in movies

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Ryan Reynolds glasses in movies always catch eyes. He has sported different eyeglasses on silver screen. For the next section, we have compiled a list few eyewears that Ryan Reynolds has flaunted on screen.

The Hollywood star is one of the most familiar and favourite faces on Netflix. The actor has already appeared in some of their most popular movies. People love his style and his acting as well. Movie lovers are curious to know if the eyeglasses Ryan dons on the screen sell for a whopping sum.

Red Notice


Late 2021, Ryan-starrer Red Notice was released on the Netflix. The action comedy featuring Dwayne Johnson received mixed reviews from the film critics. It is still one of the most watched movies on Netflix in 2021.

Ryan was spotted wearing sunglasses in two scenes of the movie. One of these may look like Cary Grant frame from Oliver People. However, closer inspections reveals that Ryan sported different glasses (though similar) in each scene.

In the last scene, Ryan’s character Nolan wears Cary Grant eyeglasses of Oliver Peoples fame in the Dusty Live colourway. The glass perfectly matched ‘rosewood’ coloured sun lenses.

The vintage style frame shape paired with a classic keyhole bridge is a favourite model from Oliver Peoples’ den. However, many sunglass crazies have fascination for bold acetate/lens combination. The warm burgundy red lenses with the olive acetate looks like a brilliant pairing.

In 2019, another movie featuring Ryan Reynolds was released from the Fast and Furious franchise. He wears what many believe to be his own glasses. The actor sports Ford TF5178-001 in high gloss black. The style fits him perfectly.

Hitman’s Bodyguard

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‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’, an action comedy was released in 2017. Ryan played the character of Michael Bryce, a disgraced bodyguard. However, he has the perfect pair of eyeglasses like what bodyguards usually wear. Ryan Reynolds’ Tom Ford Sowdon sunglasses became a touted talk just like the movie.

Bond lovers may remember that Daniel Craig sported the same frame in 2015’s James Bond Spectre. So, the model is not a new introduction on the silver screen. Black, rectangular sunglasses featuring dark lenses ooze a classic vibe. The T emblem on the wing takes a style a few notches up.

Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

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The sequel to Hitman’s Bodyguard was released in 2021. In steps the sunglasses scene, Reynolds is seen relaxing on the beach sporting Garrett Leights Brooks frame in Matte Espresso colourway.

This California brand frequently appears on many famous faces in several Hollywood movies. Ryan adopted a much thinner style in the first movie. The frame looks like a timeless classic, thanks to keyhole detail. 

Somehow, it looks less ‘security guard’. Perhaps, it was intentionally done but many are sceptical if so much attention has been paid to the sunglasses in a film of this calibre.

Free Guy


In 2021 Free Guy, people can see a bounty of eyewears with sunglasses. In fact, these eyewears play a pivotal role in the movie by endowing wearers with all types of superhuman power. Ryan himself puts on several pairs of sunglasses throughout the movie and so, becomes a more talked-about person online.

The first glass Ryan dons is Garrett Leight Kinney Combo in Matte Brandy Tort. According to many fans, it is the best scene in Free Guy where the star puts his glasses on quickly in time.

The combo frame looks similar to one from Ryan’s personal collection from the WSJ shot. A closer look will tell you that the frame has two distinct screws joining the nosebridge together.

The Oakley Gascan – Free Guy: We now have popular Oakley Gascan. A clear sports wrap frame, which has been Oakley’s signature since their coming into being in the 80s, dominates the look.  However, these are not standard type, similar to Tom Holland’s DITA Flight Sunglasses in Spider Man’s No Way Home.

AI is the most talked-about technology these days. These are AI glasses. They offer a leap into the world similar to a videogame reality. Ryan Reynolds glasses dropped a hint that AI would be the next big thing in our lives.  

However, this frame won’t give you any video-game reality or superhero like powers. If you desire to don a frame for a sports wrap from the most trusted name of all things wraparound, it is definitely a good choice to grace your look.

DITA NACHT 2 Free Guy: The Google style frame, though a little unusual, perfectly matches with the world of sci-fi fantasy. The futuristic side guards sit comfortably on the frame.

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Next up we have another superhero kind of frame in Free Guy and it is unmistakeably similar to Tom Ford frames previously mentioned. Two side rivets on the temples but other than that, everything is blank.

If it comes to shape, the look is similar to Tom Ford TF5178-001. However, most online comments thought it as Rayban wayfarers. If you are more focused on shape, T-branding could be your best bet.

6 Underground

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The action thriller featuring Ryan sees the star playing the character of a billionaire philanthropist who has turned vigilante. He fakes his own death to put wrongs to right and forms a team of likeminded people who would help him in his mission. 

Leaders of any military group would have a pair of aviators to complete and compliment their persona. The Randolph aviator looks perfect. It was originally developed for military use. However, it now appears frequently in many action movies.

It is perfect to wear under headgear due to its slim bayonet temples. The classic wire aviator shape is available in different forms.  Ryan wears the square version which is different from the classic teardrop shape.



Ryan Reynolds and Tom Ford make a good pair in several movies. This 2015 movie featuring Ryan shows him living his luxurious second life in a Lamboughini Aventador and enjoying fun on a speed boat. 

The frame, by the looks of it, is likely Tom Fords Snowdon sunglasses. The look reminds fans of the Tom Fords model and the brand was widely popular amongst elite Hollywood stars during 2014-15. Daniel Craig, as James Bond, also sported a pair the same year.

Final Words

The article compiles a rundown of Ryan Reynolds glasses that the actor sported both on screen and off screen. Ryan wears glasses for his vision problems but the name has become synonymous with expensive eyewear and sunglasses.

Most of the times, Ryan dons a Tom Ford eyewear. In fact, the man and the brand look like made for each other. He looks stylish in all types of sunglasses but the classic style looks best on him. Stuck with the classic shape, thick rimmed glass is not bad at all!

Ryan is stylish and his choice speaks of his dressing sense and sensibilities. The actor has a great collection of sunglasses from the most premier brands of the world. Fans and fashionistas surely appreciate his style sense.

Summary: Ryan Reynolds is a Hollywood celebrity. He is known for his dressing style and a collection of expensive eyewears. Though he has vision problem and so wears glasses even off screen, he has an amazing personal collection of eyeglasses. In this article, we have compiled a list of most popular on-screen and off-screen Ryan Reynolds glasses.

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