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Sabrina Soto Weight Loss: The Secret behind Her Being Slim

Almost overnight, Sabrina Soto became an idol for thousands of people, especially women who are trying their best to get a slim figure but all of their efforts have gone into vain. Sabrina Soto weight loss program has both workout and diet plans. 

If you don’t know Sabrina Soto, let me introduce her. The beautiful lady hosts HGTV’s The High Low Project, hosts her podcast Redesigning Life With Sabrina Soto, manages a home décor item business and runs her online lifestyle magazine CASA. The lady is truly a host in herself!

Soto is known for unveiling a range of exciting home décor makeovers on her HGTV show. Moreover, her collection does not pinch your pocket. She is also famous on social media as she shares diet and tips that help her maintain a good figure.

Did she undergo a weight loss program?

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Soro’s fans are curious about her weight loss regime. The 48-year old business woman never misses her 30-minute ‘walking’ routine. The celebrity interior designer weighs around 58 kg. For her age, she is doing really well in keeping her weight under control.

Sabrina has a tight schedule as she juggles many hats. However, she always makes sure to go for a 30-minute walk as a part of her regular workout regime.

The home décor expert enjoys her hiking and ballet classes on weekends. Her workout regime is pretty simple. Regular walk and balanced diet do the trick.

What is the cost?

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The cost of weight loss often runs into hundreds of dollars but not in this case. This is because, Sabrina chose a plant-based diet to get rid of extra pounds. 

Sabrina follows plant-based diet to maintain her weight

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Sabrina is open about her diet routine. She confessed to have been taking plat-based diet since 2014. A plant-based diet has foods derived from plants, including vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruits. The diet contains no or very few animal products.

Sabrina runs a blog. In one of her blogs, she wrote an elaborate piece on how she opted for plant-based diet. She usually takes vegan cheese or avocado toast and cucumber for her toast breakfast, followed by rice bowl or veggie and beans burrito for lunch. She sticks to a veggie burger or hearty salad with quinoa for her dinner.

She has some wonderful suggestions for her fans and social media followers who want to go with vegan diet for weight loss and maintenance. Sabrina tells them to go gentle with themselves while making a transition in their lifestyle, especially food habit and adjust the regime to their own pace.

Sabrina Soto’s Family

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Let us now change our topic from Sabrina Soto weight loss program to Sabrina Soto’s family.

Sabrina Soto is the second daughter of Roberto FE Soto and Maria Elena Soto. Her parents are divorced now. Sabrina was born on 27th December, 1976 in Miami, Florida.

Soto has a sister and her name is Natasha Yusta. Two sisters are pretty close. Sabrina regularly posts photos with her sister on Instagram.

Sabrina’s mother is a good cook and an interior expert as well. She used to manage a staging and home décor business. It seems Sabrina has interior design in her gene. When Sabrina was a young girl, she was often asked to assist her mother.

Her father was a media personality and worked in several media houses, including the Washington Post and the NBC News.

Sabrina has a lovely daughter named Olivia Gray, with her ex-boyfriend Steve Grevemberg. She gave birth to Olivia in November, 2015. Olivia is now 8-year old. Sabrina spends a lot of time with her daughter.

Sabrina was engaged to Dean Sheremet, a Michelin-star chef. The couple got engaged in December, 2021 but separated in July 2022.

Sabrina talks about pros and cons of plant-based diet


Though Sabrina adopted a plant-based diet for her weight loss regime, she thinks there are pros and cons of plant-based diet. She talked about it through her Facebook post in 2020. In this post, she wished everyone good health.

In an episode of RedesigningLife, she talked about her transition to plant-based diet and revealed how she maintains it during travel. She explained in detail the benefits of plant-based diet and shared most helpful tips that her fans could incorporate in their daily diet.

Final Words

Sabrina is an inspiration for many in several aspects. She is a single mother who cares for daughter. She is a successful entrepreneur. She shows a new range of impressive home décor items in her show.

Sabrina is also famous for her plant-based diet that helps her maintain a lovely figure even at the ripe age of 48. In fact, many women have started Sabrina Soto weight loss regime. She shares tips on plant-based diet with a huge number of fans following Sabrina on social media.

Summary: Sabrina is a business personality. She manages several businesses. The billionaire adopted a plant-based diet routine in 2014 and still adheres to it. She shares her diet routine and weight loss regime on Instagram.

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