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Sacred Games Sarcasm


Hello guys, as we all know about Season 2, it made a place in everyone's heart. But as we all know it wasn't much better as season 1 was. Now season 2 ends with the suspense about the Bomb, where Ganesh Gaitonde's storylines are very uncleared for everyone.  Sacred games series is the one of the most favorite series in adult web series.

The sacred games season 2 is running in all the minds of Netflix lover, who are in love with Sacred Games. Especially for those people, who are fallen in love with Nawazuddin Siddiqui's acting. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is one of the most talented Bollywood actors, who started his career in 1999. In 1999 he played a small role of a terrorist/informer in a movie Sarfarosh. Sarfarosh movie was starer by Bollywood's one of the greatest celebrity Amir Khan.

At the beginning:

Now we come back to the point, as we find that Season 2 Episode 1 starts, and we see Ganesh Gaitonde is in prison on a boat. Here Sartaj Singh has started an investigation about that Nuclear Bomb (Bibinka623), which has been activated.  Sartaj finds Trivedi as the dead body. 

Ganesh Gaitonde’steam has activated the nuclear bomb. Now we talk about the funniest moment when we find Ganesh tries to escape from that boat. But he did not get succeed, he tries to swim to go to Mumbai after killing all the people on that boat.  And then after 40 days, his team finds Ganesh and he was escaped from there by his team.

Most Sarcastic Moment of Sacred Games 2:

Here, we see one more sarcastic moment when Ganesh listens to Guruji's lecture on the boat. One of his team brings fish as a food for him, and then Ganesh throws the fish in the sea. And then he says I want chicken otherwise I will put this fish in your anal pore, and the fish will swim until I reach Mumbai.

Sarcastic Moment 2:

Here, we see another sarcastic moment when Ganesh called Bunty and Kantibai while Kantibai and Bunty were playing Carrom. And Bunty asked him that where are you? And police arrested me and Kantibai we are on bail. Then Ganesh replies that “I am on the Moon” then Bunty looks at the sky. And he asks when will you come back the Ganesh replies “it may take 30 days”. Then again, he looks at the sky and says but “Moon is just over my head”, and then Ganesh says I will take 188 years because I am in space.

Ganesh Meets His 3rd Father:

In another scene, we find that Ganesh went to Guruji's place and attends a lecture on "Yugas and Sexual Reality". Then he takes tea with Guruji, which was mixed up with drugs. Then suddenly he remembers about his past doings, and he feels guilty, even after he feels good. He made him his 3rd father.

He starts drugs smuggling with Guruji and he hides all money at Guruji’s place. He starts to hide the drugs in fishes, and then he sells them in National and International Markets.

Sartaj keeps continuing his investigation and includes Guruji:

Sartaj finds out the clues about Guruji on the Internet and he joins his ashram. And he starts his investigation there. He meets Batya Abelman and then she tells him how Guruji meets Ganesh and they start the business of Drug Smuggling and how Guruji treats them. She even tells him that Guruji mixes a drug in tea.

As we all have known that Sartaj Singh finds out that bomb. But Sartaj and his team could not find out the password of that bomb. And he caught the Dilbagh and asks him for the password but just says Ghazwa-e-Hind. But he still doesn't know about the password to deactivate the Bomb.

And Season 2 ends here.

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