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Sad love quotes help to get feelings

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Almost all of us love to write quotes and thoughts that have powerful meaning for it. Quotes are the most beautiful words that express a significant sense and feelings of the writer or the poet. These best sad love quotes include various types of quotes with a variety of expression in the quotes. Of course, you surely might have come across multiple quotes and thoughts from the internet.

Writing these sad love quotes would be very high impressive and pretty too. These sad love quotes express your feelings with the help of inspiring words. Anyone can write these quotes if you have a bunch of unique and creative words with you. If you are writing quotes, then you are really creative and purely expressive. Sad love quotes are the best ones to know the feelings of the writer.

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Sad love quotes for him show your memories are still in your heart

I want you to be in front of me every time; my ears want to listen to your heartbeat every movement. My lips want to take your name every time, and I want to be with you forever.

Do not give someone much importance that when they go your breath goes away.

I always wanted to be your preference, but for you, I was just a choice.

I always have chosen you above everything, and you left me just for a small piece of entertainment.

sad love quotes real fellings

Heart touching sad love quotes show her feelings

There is a vast difference between love and lust. You can't imagine when your passion turns into desire, and everything gets over.

Why should I tell you that I can't live without you, you are already in my heart so you must know everything.

I know we both belong to different worlds, but still, our heart belongs to the same feeling and beat in the same way.

I am done with the artificial feelings and his fake smile, and everyone says that I am smiling, but no one knows that inside I am dying.

I was there with you in every situation, but you left me when I needed you the most.

sad love quotes real emotions

Sad love quotes for her give a smile on face when you get hurt

You left me Because of money, but You can't buy love for cash.

Today I am alone but not lonely because I am surrounded by all the beautiful memories that we have created.

Instead of being lonely and blame yourself for everything, try to be alone and figure out the solution of your sorrows.

Happiness and sadness both are the phases of love. When I was happy, you were with me, and now when I am sad you are with someone else for your happiness.

I said I could do anything for you, and you know what he asked? He said leave me for my joy.

sad love quotes touching heart

Short, sad love quotes show your expression when you are in love

Love is just like a candle, the more it melts, the more it hurts.

You can taste the sweetness of love only if you go through the salty sorrows.

You can’t buy love, but you can pay heavily for it.

Love does not mean to stay together, it means to feel, to care and to be with each other even while being apart.


Hopefully, shared sad quotes are helpful to know the value of life. By following the quotes, you can even start writing quotes in own to share with any important persons in life that you don’t want to miss. Want to understand and avail some of the sad love quotes from the internet? Here we have got a great list of sad love quotes.

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