Safe and Secure with Volvo


We all remember Jean Claude Van Damme doing the splits on top of the two sexy reversing Volvo lorries but those lorries and almost every other bus you see is not what Volvo is just about. Apart from being a luxury brand being the best in manufacturing unique cars, the top-notch feature in Volvo is their security. Having a strong vision to minimise casualties, serious injuries, and deaths due to road accidents to almost none, Volvo has taken major measures to practice what they preach. And this is proven by this executive brand being the leader in the field of car safety.

The Airbags technology is one of the most common and widely used features in the arena of car security. When automobile airbags were invented in 1952, it took the sector of car safety by a storm. Volvo has played one of the main roles in adopting front and side airbags and inflatable curtains. When you buy used Volvo cars for sale in India and around the world, this becomes a very important matter of safety as only the high-quality versions of this technology is used and thus promising longevity. That means, even when the car is passed down to multiple owners, the protection of airbags still remains intact.  Volvo uses a range of airbags that are curated to protect the people in the car, the occupants, in the case of an occurrence of a collision.

This paired up with the gorgeously safe car seats is the combination that could be the epitome of safety. Volvo’s car seats are made to provide the best in both safety and comfort. The structure of these seats are curated in a way that guarantees whiplash protection when there is a blow to the occupant in the event of a collision. It is not just that but also the presence of the energy-absorbing feature between the frame of the seat and the seat that plays a crucial role in the reduction of spinal injuries. Spinal injuries are one of the most common reasons of death during a road accident and Volvo strives to bring a high decline in the same. Yet another to prioritise used Volvo cars for sale in India and in other countries over other options when your budget is tight and unable to afford a brand new premium vehicle.

The main field that Volvo tops in, compared to all the other brands is child safety. When a family is not able to afford a luxury car due to their financial situations, it is a wise choice to buy used Volvo cars for sale in India or wherever you live as your child will be in the best hands. It was 1964 when Volvo put to test the world’s first child seat prototype. And by 1967, the first ever car seat was adapted for the safety of children. These seats evolved, almost every other car brand had them too. But yet again, Volvo came out to be the emperor in the kingdom of child safety and in 1978 The world’s first booster cushion was debuted by Volvo. And no, it did not stop there. The evolution for the safety of children continued as after a second-generation, Volvo introduced a third generation of child seats by 1986. These were just the beginnings. Just a few test matches that Volvo won before heading to the world cup as by 1990 the integrated booster cushion was brought out by Volvo which was, yet again, a world’s first. The streak was still not broken. On the contrary, it was upheld by Volvo as they introduced the world’s first rearward facing child seat with ISOFIX in 2000 and a few evolutions followed this. By 2007, Volvo brought out the next game changer again, for the first time in the world, the two-stage integrated booster cushion and also the new and updated models and generations of child seats by 2009. The year of 2014 witnessed another game-changing invention in reference to the context of child safety as Volvo introduced to the world the unique concept of the inflatable child seat . Till 2019, Volvo kept a high focus on this area by introducing updates and newer models with improved features sounds and luxury with enhanced safety for children like the incorporation of a swivel function that turns the seat 90 degrees to make it easier for the parents to seat and secure their children.

It is not a very known fact that Volvo has managed to save more than a million lives by bringing to the world the 3-point safety belt that was initially faced with a lot of criticisms but later on became the widely accepted game changer. Used Volvo cars for sale in India and around the globe are a big hit among the families who become potential customers of premium luxury brands as child safety is always their number one priority. And not just child safety, Volvo also excels in the safety for everyone by adopting unique features like driver monitoring cameras, speed cap, highway pilot, and even a care key(a feature that allows the elders to adjust and set a speed cap on the car when lending it to a younger member.). Volvo is, has been, and always will be the epitome of safety.

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