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Safe, Cost-Effective Ways To Stay Warm

Nothing can beat a little bit of warmth after being cold. Whether you're out in the snow or shivering at your desk at work, being cold is unpleasant, to say the least. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to combat the cold, wherever you are. You might work somewhere where you would swear they keep the thermostat on 50 degrees year-round. In this case, it could be something you deal with every day. Try some of these warming therapeutics.

Choose Warm Fabrics

If you want a soft, cozy, warm material, fleece fabric is terrific for retaining heat without adding bulk. Flannel is also great. You can find plenty of products made from these materials, such as jackets, pajamas, shirts and flannel- or fleece-lined clothes. Also, sheets and blankets made of these fabrics will keep you toasty.


Layering your clothes is an excellent route to go if there's a chance the temperature and conditions will be changing throughout the day. You can layer multiple layers, including warm socks, long underwear, leggings, warm pants, long sleeve shirt, sweater and coat. Top it all off with a warm scarf around your neck. If you're getting too hot at some point, you can remove a layer or two.

Move Around

Moving around will warm you up by generating body heat. If you're cold, get up and do a workout or some manual labor such as cleaning or organizing.

Wrap Yourself Up

Blankets are great because there are many different fabrics and weights (even weighted blankets), all shapes and sizes. They can be portable if you want to take one to the football game or have one to drape over your legs at the office. You can layer them up to stay extra cozy in bed. If you want to take it a step further, try an electric blanket.

Wear Slippers

Slippers are always good for warming you up, especially since most of your body heat leaves through your head and your feet. These days, you can even get heated slippers. Wear them without socks.

Cover Your Head

You can lose a lot of your body heat through your head. Make sure to cover your head with a warm hat if you're feeling cold.


You can get several heat therapy products that you don't have to plug in, like a traditional heating pad. They consist of rice, seeds or other substances that absorb heat. You just pop it in the microwave, usually for a minute or two, and it holds the heat for a while. These microwavable products come in many different forms, from pads to wraps to even mittens and cuddly stuffed animals. They're safe to use anywhere — no fire risk since they don't use electricity like traditional heating pads. Put one around your neck, against your back, drape it over your legs or place it under your feet. You can even put it under the covers with you to make your bed extra cozy on those cold nights.

Eliminate Drafts

Windows and doors can be susceptible to drafts if they're not sealed well. You can get door draft stoppers and heat-shrinking insulation film for windows and weather sealing tape.

Employ the Sun

If your space is colder than you like and you have a window facing the sun, use it to your advantage to let the sunlight heat the area. Opening the shades will let the light in to heat the room, and then closing the shades at night will help trap the heat in.

Lay Rugs

Uncarpeted floors can feel cold on your feet during cold times. Carpets and rugs can also help insulate an area. If you have bare floors, try adding a few area rugs.

Take Advantage of Your Oven's Heat

Take advantage of cooking with the oven when it's cold outside. The oven can really heat up an area, so many people avoid using the oven much in the warmer months. In the winter, though, you can use it to your advantage. Get a hot meal out of it, then switch the oven off and leave the oven door ajar to let some extra heat into the house as it cools down.

Consume Hot Food and Beverages

Consuming hot food and beverages help warm you up. Try drinking some hot coffee, hot chocolate, or hot tea. Have a bowl of soup or delicious hot comfort food like chili or a steamy lasagna.

Bathe or Shower

A hot bath or shower can be combined with additions that make it a warm and relaxing retreat. Try aromatherapy, bath salts, bath bombs, bubbles, sugar scrubs, just to name a few.


Staying warm usually doesn't have to be complicated. Wherever you are, at home or work, inside or out, you should be able to remain comfortably toasty throughout the day and night.

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