Safe & Smart Tricks to keep Plexi and Acrylic Glass Scratch-Free


Acrylic glass has become popular among modern homeowners. This is due to the high level of security that it provides when used in the construction of glass materials within a home. For instance, it is safer to use acrylic glass for glass windows than using standard glass. With the latter, there is little security, and they can be easily broken down. Also, acrylic glass is made from a material that allows more than 90% of light from natural sources to get through. When our home windows are made from acrylic glass, you will have an energy efficient home since you will not need to keep the artificial lights on. Having scratches on your acrylic glass is however a common thing. When you poorly maintain them due to lack of sufficient knowledge on how to clean them, they can make your home look unattractive. If you are trying to ensure that you have a flawless look of your home, you need to ensure that you follow the following tricks to keep the acrylic glass scratch free.

Avoid using a hard brush

Having stains on your glass surfaces can be overly annoying. You might try different methods of removing stains but using a hard brush. A hard brush is meant for removing stains on tiles and not glass. Hard brushes can be the worst nightmare if you use them to remove both soft and hard stains. It is required that you should select the softest type of materials that you can use to remove stains. For instance, if you use a high-quality ammonia solvent to remove stains and use a soft rag, it will leave your glass top scratch free. A common problem among homeowners is using a hard brush on acrylic glass thinking that it is scratch resistant.
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You might not notice the scratches on the glass at first. However, continued use of the brush will make deeper scratches that are easily noticeable.

Avoid abrasive cleaners

There are many types of cleaners that you can use to clean acrylic glass surfaces. Using an abrasive type of cleaner can be a contributor to your acrylic glass surface having either minor or deep scratches. Ideally, when buying glass cleaners, you should ensure that you buy ones that cannot make your acrylic glass wear off. Continued use of the abrasive type of solvents for cleaning makes the surface of the glass soft and susceptible to scratches when a small force is used. If you need to maintain a high level of sleekness, you will need to ensure that you always buy cleaners that are recommended by professionals.

Do not drag heavy things

Dragging things across your Plexi and acrylic glass can result in either shallow or deep scratches. Heavy things that may have rough surfaces can scratch the surface of glass materials leaving them unattractive. Unattractive glass surfaces will only make your home not look sleek. For instance, when passing things that are metallic across your table made from Plexi and acrylic glass, you should avoid dragging them across. Instead, lift them to the other end, and you will save yourself from damaging the glass in the long run.

Use soft pads for acrylic glass

When using glass surfaces that are made from acrylic or any other type of glass, you need to ensure that you always have soft ads on the table. The soft pads can be used to place heavy things the table is being used. Cups and plates should always be placed on the soft pads if you are using a ding table that is made from Plexi and acrylic glass.  The soft pads ensure there is no direct contact between the glass and the materials. This way, you may avoid any types of scratches that may be caused by an item that has rough surfaces.

How to buff scratches out of plexiglass

Using cleaning solvents

Removing scratches from plexiglass can either be difficult or easy depending on the type of tool that you have at your disposal.  Mild scratches on the surface of the glass can be removed using cleaning solvents. Most scratches are visible when there is dirt filled in them. When you use recommended cleaning solvents such as ammonia, you will find that the mild scratches are removed. When using the solvents, ensure that they are well diluted and don’t forget to wear protective gear as it could be irritating to your skin.

Use a grit sandpaper

Grit sandpaper or a buffing machine can be the perfect tools to remove scratches from the plexiglass. Ideally, the depth of the scratch will determine the amount of work that you will put in. If you are looking forward to making your glass flawless, you need to ensure that you have a functional buffing machine that will take the dirt off the scratches and leave your glass surface looking attractive.

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