Safe Supplements For Your Whole Family


In a perfect world, food would contain all of the nutrients it is meant to have and none of the harmful things like pesticides. Also in a perfect world, everyone would willingly eat a balanced diet with the perfect mix of nutrients for their age and lifestyle. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for most people.

The Problem With Produce

Produce is not what it was decades ago. Unless labeled organic, produce has been compromised by toxic chemicals. Even organic produce may have traveled so far from where it was picked, it is not as nutritionally sound as when it was harvested.

In addition, modern families do not always eat balanced meals. While once, the leisurely, healthy dinner was the norm, now many times dinner is a hurried affair because everyone needs to go off and do something else. Meals are often rushed and not nutritionally balanced.

Since modern life is not changing anytime soon, it is important to invest in supplements to protect your family's health. How do you know the best supplements to take, though? 


The best and most convenient supplements are from superfoods that offer many benefits in one serving. Otherwise, you could be taking a lineup of many supplements each day, which can quickly become expensive and overwhelming.

Chlorella benefits are many and include support for immunity as well as both healthy development and healthy aging.

Proper Nutrition for Children

Many children are picky eaters. It is unclear why this is such a widespread phenomenon, but there is always at least one child in every family who is unwilling to try new things and will only eat certain foods over and over.

The big problem with this behavior is that childhood is a time when brains and bodies are developing. Children need to take in the right balance of nutrients to aid this process or they will lack energy, be prone to coming down with illnesses and maybe even disrupt some part of their natural development.

It is especially important to choose a superfood supplement like chlorella to aid children in their growth process. Many parents will instead choose a sugary, chewable vitamin that was manufactured in a lab. A natural and organic supplement is much healthier and will go to work in the body much more easily.

The Best Supplements For Your Family

Not every supplement is right for every family. For example, if everyone in you family regularly eats a wide variety of fresh organic produce directly from a farmer's market, you might not need vitamins A or C. However, if your family is primarily vegetarian or vegan, it would be worth investigating ways to get enough protein. 

Surprisingly, chlorella, which is obtained from green algae, is 50-60% protein. This is ideal, especially for children who shy away from other sources of protein like eggs or tofu. Chlorella supplements also come in many forms like powder or small, chewable tablets.

Other nutrients often lacking in the diets of both vegetarians and picky eaters are iron and zinc. If no foods on the lists of sources for these nutrients are appealing, try to find another way to obtain them.

Both iron and zinc are essential for good health .and both vegetarians and vegans have a hard time obtaining enough of them. Surprisingly, chlorella also provides these nutrients. If a chlorella supplement is taken daily, even vegans won't need to worry about protein, zinc and iron: nutrients that vegans are typically low in.

A blender may be your best friend in the nutrition game. Often even picky eaters will be willing to drink a colorful smoothie. Think of a clever name for the green drink that chlorella produces and you might even find that the green smoothie is requested by your childen.


Smoothies are also the perfect place to hide things. If your picky eater has decided they don't like carrots anymore, for example, sneak one in and they will never know.