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Safety Elements of Industrial Pallet Racks


Industrial racking is essential equipment suitable for routine operations at manufacturing facilities. These racks offer warehouse storage solutions. The industrial pallet racks form a storage system for managing materials on pallets.

If a facility has pallet racking systems and material handling equipment in use, there are chances for one or more parts of the racking system getting damaged.

There is a high risk for accidents caused by the pallet racks crashing and pushing. If not used in the correct way, these racks can damage the stored goods and cause injuries to the workers handling them. Thus, proper and safe functioning of a pallet rack requires special attention to the following safety elements:

Pallet Racking Protection

As per EN 15512 norms, it is mandatory to safeguard all the uprights at the corners, at the intersection of working aisles. Also, considering the high levels of traffic and unit movement, the recommendation is to protect the uprights inside these aisles.

Adequate protection for the corners ensures safety standards. Also, avail integral protection at the ends of each run, next to the driving lane and tunnel passages. 

Cross Beams

The cross beams run deep in the racking beam, without the need for any additional supporting element. This safety element has the following functionalities:

  • It supports smaller-dimensioned loading units than the permissible level
  • It improves the resistance of the loading unit based on the type of the pallet, the extent of maintenance or deterioration of the pallets, and the pallet positioning on the rack.

Mesh and Fall Protection

A warehouse typically has certain restricted and tight security areas meant for specific functions. The mesh and fall protection safeguards such highly secured areas from materials that fall off the rack. Their installation avoids unnecessary expenses due to the damage from falling goods to these critical areas.

Protection With Frame Extensions

These extensions provide safety from loaded material on the aisle falling off from the sides. They also give protection from elements falling off contiguous storage levels. As per the norms, the outer frames of a pallet rackrun must be 0.5 meters more than the previous storage level. However, the recommendation is to extend the lateral frames to a height that equals the stored loaded units. It ensures the protection of the workers from goods falling off the rack.

Foot Anchors

Each footplate of the upright columns must be anchored steadily to the floor. The missing, loose, and sheared anchors demand extra care.

Inspection of Pallet Racking System Conditions

Regular monitoring of racking system conditions like plumb ratio and rust instigate operational safety. Any detected rust is an indication of weakening metal. In such a case, the straightness of the rack's columns and plumbing ratio require calibration.

With the pallet racking industry growing at a tremendous rate, optimum safety measures have become vital. These measures ensure a high degree of operational safety, securing both the stored goods and personnel handling these valuable goods.

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