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Safety Features In High Quality Mushroom Picking Trolleys That You Need To Know About

A Mushroom Picking Trolley is a human powered device designed to facilitate and enhance the trek. Its slow, efficient pedal-powered movement, combined with its relatively light weight, makes it perfect for those who prefer to ‘walk it through’.But opportunities for accidents can happen in a mushroom growing farm, like in pretty much every workplace. Even if the pickers are very careful, skilled and experienced, there’s still a risk of a possible injury or some other trauma. Some events simply can’t be predicted, so it’s possible that another picker or something else will find itself near a moving mushroom picking trolley.

However, thanks to certain safety features, it’s possible to stop dangerous situations from actually ending badly. Those features include both electric, technologically advanced ones, as well as some that are simply clever, but very effective design tricks. We’ll explain the most important ones in more detail below!

Automated stopping system

Automated stopping system is currently a must-have feature in a modern, high quality mushroom picking trolley. In the PASCAL model, such a system is very sensitive, which allows to completely eliminate the risk of hitting another picker, trolley or some other object.

The way it works is very simple – when an obstacle is detected thanks to the advanced, highly sensitive safety system present in the trolley, the trolley’s movement is instantly paused. An automated system can react much faster than the picker would have been able to, so automation is a much safer choice than using manual stopping systems. Even a second of half a second in the time it takes to stop the device can make a tremendous difference.

One of the major advantages of the high quality Mushroom Picking Trolleys in Mushroom Farms is the provision of the automatic safety systems. These safety systems help in controlling the tractor speed. The tractor speed decreases to a minimum level when the trolley moves slowly and automatically to a stable position. It helps in reducing the time it takes to pick mushrooms.

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Design elements that increase safety

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, sometimes clever design tricks can be equally as effective (or even more) when it comes to safety than automated electrical systems. An interesting example of this are doors to a high quality mushroom picking trolley, which use simple hinges and open inwards. There’s no need for a sensor that checks whether doors are open, because the picker will have no choice but to close them to have enough space on the platform to work comfortably.

Non-Slip Working Platform:

Other important design elements include a non-slip working platform and the usage of chains and rails on the sides. The probability of losing balance is small and even if it did happen (for example not due to slipping, but the picker fainting because of a health condition), aforementioned barriers would prevent falling off the platform. Due to the trolley’s structure and the materials used (both the frame and other supporting structures are made of stainless steel), it’s very stable and durable. Modern high quality mushroom picking trolleys are designed to contain a canvas that protects the trolley from dirt and moisture.

The high quality mushroom picking trolley is easy to load and unload with a single wheel system. If a wheel gets stuck, the mushroom picking trolley automatically stops and reverses to get the trolley back on track. The mushroom picking trolley has well-designed and highly durable fork and high carrying capacity. The trolleys have ample storage space and are a great asset to the farm.Mushroom picking trolleys are a solution to control greenhouse gas emissions, reduce carbon footprint and enhance production quality. High quality Mushroom picking trolleys use green technology in farming. Mushroom picking trolleys are eco-friendly as it reduces carbon footprint.

Concluding Words:

There are endless reasons to pay special attention to ensuring maximum safety in a high quality mushroom growing farm. Picker’s higher comfort and happiness, lessening the frequency of sick leave, which is disruptive to the work schedule, lack of unnecessary breaks in picking and as such increased efficiency and many more. Therefore, some of the first things to look for when analyzing a mushroom picking trolley are aforementioned automatic stopping systems, reinforced drive belts and non-slip working platforms. To guarantee that the trolley will be as safe as promised, it should be acquired from a reliable supplier, such as GROWTIME. Many farmers have continued to adopt modern technology to enhance their production. With technological innovations, farmers have discovered new ways to increase their productivity. This increased productivity is not only increasing the yield but has given rise to an emerging need for environmental protection.The usage of mushroom picking trolleys in mushroom farms helps in easing the laborious task of picking mushrooms.

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