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How can BIM modelling improve the safety of construction projects?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) has been one of the most frequently used technologies in the construction industry for the last five decades. The long list of advantages of BIM has led many construction, architect, and renovation companies to use it. According to the international labour organisation (ILO), every year 2.3 million people get severe injuries or illnesses while working on-site. Even in industrialized countries, around 40% of work-related deaths occur on construction sites. This is where BIM comes into play. With the help of BIM, project managers can make better decisions at different stages of construction, improving safety at construction sites

Below, we have a list of ways in which BIM helps improve the safety of construction projects. 

  • Visual representation of the site - BIM offer workers to get a proper and solid visual understanding of the site even before they start working on it. This significantly improves the safety of the site by making workers aware of the potential dangers involved in the project. So, in short, BIM software helps new workers understand the construction process quickly. 
  • Be prepared - Thanks to the use of BIM software, workers can be aware of any risk involved in the project and be prepared for it. BIM has the ability to focus on each individual task, enabling workers to identify the risk and prepare to handle it beforehand. 
  • 4D scheduling - With the help of 4D scheduling & sequencing, workers can identify traffic considerations and potential hazards around the site before even initiating the project. Thanks to BIM, one can now efficiently create 4D BIM models to evaluate the erection sequence & prominent construction activities, making it an incredible asset. 

Having the right BIM company at your side can help make your entire construction project safe and secure. Increased transparency and visual efficiency can significantly improve the overall quality of work and reduce risk. Right from 3D BIM models to 4D, 5D, and 6D BIM modelling, you can have proper construction modelling done for the project, enhancing the security, cost-efficiency, time efficiency, and safety of the entire project. 

Cosmere Technologies is one of the leading BIM modelling companies across the globe. Renowned for providing efficient scan to BIM services, CosmereTech has become one of the best BIM service companies today. 

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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