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Battling Blades Has The Best Samurai Sword For Sale

Best Samurai Sword For Sale

Katana sword, historically known as Samurai sword, is one of the famous Japanese weapons which had been used by the Samurai of feudal and ancient Japan. The distinctive feature of the Katana for sale is that it has curved, single-edged blade, a squared or circular guard along with a long two-handed grip. According to modern historians, Samurai sword is one of the finest cutting weapons in the world military history. It is indeed a long sword whose length is more than 24 inches. The best samurai sword for sale at the moment is 40.5 inches. This katana for sale is made up of high carbon Damascus steel with bolsters of brass.

Best Samurai Sword For Sale

Battling Blades Has The Best Samurai Sword For Sale

Talking in detail about the blade material, it is made from 1095 steel which is the highest carbon steel used to make the best swords in the world. To be specific, the katana sword containing .95 percent of carbon which is the highest carbon found in sword making. This material is used to make the blade edge sharp along with providing the relevant stiffness to the steel. The only drawback of using 1095 steel is that the flexibility if less in this steel which means on high impact collision the sword might have some problems. Flexibility is an essential part to avoid breakage during high-frequency collisions. Furthermore, to increase the flexibility of katana for sale, the steel has tampered with clay. The process of making a Samurai sword will maximize its sharpness and will give the strength to the sword.

Features of Viking Swords:

Coming forward to the Viking swords, these are available in different sizes and are made up of high carbon Damascus steel. The Viking swords are also known as Carolingian swords or Viking Age swords. These swords were found in Western and Northern Europe specifically during the early middle ages. The Viking swords are developed from a sword named Merovingian sword and along with this, it was primarily used by Scandinavian based Viking people.

Adding to this, Viking swords are single-handed swords with a sharp tip and having edges used to slash and thrust. These swords were quite famous till the 12th century and afterward, these Viking swords were blended into Norman swords.

The blade of the Viking swords is made with the best quality Damascus steel. The 11 pieces of steel are used in the process that is folded 5 times to further make 352 layers. The steel provides hardness and durability ranging from 55 to 56 HRC. The process helps the Viking swords to get the right strength and flexibility. Flexibility as said earlier is the most important part as it will prevent the blade from breaking during collisions. The handle of the Viking swords is made of wood with brass bolster which comes with a leather sheath. Both the swords are quite famous and Battling Blades has a variety of the two available at the best prices. The family does not compromise on the quality therefore; you will get the best for the money you spend.

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