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Drug addiction is a very stressful problem for family members of drug addicts, and the problem is very severe indeed. The nature of the problem of drug addiction can be too complex to handle at home, even though there are strong stigmas associated with drug related addiction problems. We at Sanctum Wellness and Healing strongly recommend that you seek professional help if a family member of yours is addicted to any form of substance abuse. Substance abuse could involve all form of narcotics and other substances that are also addictive and detrimental to health. There is a large number of substances that are abused by addicts, which is very detrimental to their health.

The problem with drug addiction and handling drug addicts;

One of the primary problems with drug addicts is that they can be dangerous, liars, thieves and most of them have lost all sense of ethics and morals. This is why they are known as ‘addicts’. Drug addicts of typical substances such as heroin and other similar highly addictive substances will do anything to ‘score’ (meaning to obtain the drug of their choice).  In many families robberies have been committed by drug addicted members of the family, who indiscriminately steal items of value once they are out of cash/money to purchase narcotics of their choice.  According to recorded behavior by cases where law enforcement is involved; such stolen items are either pawned off, or exchanged for narcotics/drugs worth a paltry/small amount. Some such situations can result in the involvement of law enforcement when addicts digress to the stage of steal and sell/exchanging items of any & even extreme value for narcotics. 

In many such cases the law gets involved when items go missing, in many recorded cases the items include things such as expensive gold jewelry (stolen from home/family) and electronics, and in rare cases even vehicles. A desperate addict will sell/pawn just about anything of any value to gain access to his/her chosen drug of choice. Narcotics from the ‘Opioid family’ are highly addictive, and for the treatment of such drug addictions which are common professional/serious rehabilitation is required. Sanctum Wellness and Healing is a drug addiction center Delhi, and are fully equipped, knowledgeable, and treat patients with kindness and human dignity in the process of healing them and setting them free from drug addiction. Our aim is to enable drug addicts to gain freedom from their addiction, and gain control of their lives back. 

Sanctum suggests what family members of addicts need to do;


As the family member of a drug addict, its hard to digest/accept to begin with, and many family members feel the problem is not so severe, and they can deal with it themselves. Although we suggest that members of the family do not do this, because in all honesty there is nothing they can do. However, there is a solution to this problem, and that is to take the help of a professional rehabilitation center in Delhi. Sanctum Wellness and Healing is one such modern de-addiction center in Delhi. With a team of trained medical professionals of various departments capable of handling severe addiction cases, Sanctum Wellness and Healing provides rehabilitation for addicts. 

Some of the various types of problems that cause a person to become an addict are depression, desperation, anxiety, unresolved emotional hurt, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These are the typical reasons for a person becoming an addict. Rarely is the cause just fun and bad company, as is commonly believed among society/people at large. From our professional analysis, we have found that there are always deep psychological reasons why people become addicted to substance abuse. In such a case it is not possible for the family, no matter how hard they try to successfully rehabilitate the patient. In addition to the problem of de-addiction, Sanctum Wellness and Healing does also take steps to prevent relapse cases. 

Sanctum Wellness and Healing explains relapse after rehabilitation;

The cause of relapse of a patient/addict who is rehabilitated, can be many. Some of the more common causes are interacting with the people who were part of the ‘narcotics society’, or could be a relapse of the situation that caused them to become an addict in the first place, or it could be simply a psychological reason that causes them to relapse. However, no matter what the cause of relapse, the problem needs to be begin from the start again, and in-fact relapse cases are more difficult to rehabilitate. Many patients still fail to stay clean for long durations of time, and occasionally relapse. Such patients need constant help and support from trained professionals, who are able to understand the situation and know the corrective measures that must be taken. 

No part of de-addiction or rehabilitation involves violence, abuse of any kind and torment or pain for the patient/addict. Sanctum is a professional drug rehab center in Delhi, and is one of the best in its field. It has successfully resolved countless cases related to drug addictions and helped countless families deal with the problem of rehabilitation. After rehabilitation, there are various steps that the entire family living with the addict/patient, need to follow. These are case specific directions that will be explained to family members after the rehabilitation and during the release of the cured patient/addict from the center. Many families are concerned that a rehabilitation center will treat their family members harshly and punish them. For this purpose, at Sanctum Wellness and Healing, we invite you to visit our facility yourself. 


If you or any of your family members or friends who you are concerned about is addicted to any controlled substance, then please do contact a professional for advice. No harm will come to your friend or family, and the methods of rehabilitation are very professional, humane and compassionate. The patient himself/herself needs to consent to get checked into a rehab centre , and is free to leave if they desire at any time if they so choose. If you have any questions related to drug addiction and require answers that are not mentioned on our site, we encourage you to contact us with full confidentiality for assistance.