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Saregama Carvaan Music Player - A Perfect Combination of the Retro & Modern Era

Saregama Carvaan Music Player

The modern era of music has evolved so much with electronic music beats, online streaming of songs and the extra loud super hits coming week after week. The new generation just loves it. At the same time, there is something sensational about retro music. The bygone era of soothing, meaningful and vintage Bollywood hits keeps on pitching its magic right in our hearts.

Saregama Carvaan Premium is where you will find the retro music and modern music converge beautifully. Pre-loaded with an amazing collection of Bollywood vintage songs and a plethora of features, the retro music playeris one of a kind.

Retro makes a great comeback in your halls and in your hearts with this digital audio player. If you are among those music lovers who in the past tried collecting the cassettes, CD’s and other recorded albums of popular Hindi songs of the golden era, this retro music player is a treasure just for you. The list of 5000 evergreen Hindi songs sorted out and uploaded are a listeners delight in every way. This is where you will find the best of Kishore Kumar classics, R.D Burman super-hits, your favorite songs picturised on legends like Amitabh Bachchan and much more.

Get mesmerized by the singing stars of the yesteryear, Lata Mangeshkar with songs like “Ae Dil E Nadaan”, “Tere Bina Zindagi Se” or tune in for “Mere Sapno ki Rani” or “O Mere Dil ke Chain” sung by the maestro Kishore Kumar.

Another exciting feature of this digital audio player is the categorization of 130+ stations. From the choice of lyricists, actors, singers to music composers and specials, it has everything for your musical whims and wishes. The specially curated stations include Sufi, Gurbani, Ghazal, Duel hits and range of other stations just for you. There is even a station containing Songs with dialogues which can prepare you up for something entertaining.

On the other hand, Saregama Carvaan Premium, the retro music player has some great features. In terms of design, the retro looking audio player has all the features similar to any modern digital player.

With the option to tune into the FM/AM, the retro music player doubles up as your home radio too. This allows you to enjoy the latest Bollywood hits from the movie industry anytime and anywhere. Adding to the features is the option of plugging into a USB drive. Just upload the hit songs of 2019 to your drive and play it loud in parties and functions to set the mood. Another fascinating option for modern music lovers is the Bluetooth and Aux-In cable availability. This lets you listen to your favorite list of songs while you travel around, hit the gym with your friends, a get-together with your family or when you just look to kill boredom. Therefore, this retro music player scores great and keeps up when compared to any modern music player.

In addition to the existing playlist in the Saregama Carvaan Premium, you have the app support which offers two options. This first option PLAY ON CARVAAN allows you to browse through the pre-loaded collection of Hindi songs and even search your favorites. The second option PLAY ON APP enables you to view all the songs under one station, play songs on demand, create any playlist for different moods, styles, seasons, etc. as per your liking. If you want a lean back experience, just tap on the stations you like, sit back and enjoy.

While you can gift this retro music player to your father, mother or someone who is a diehard fan of vintage songs, make no mistake Saregama Carvaan Premium is much more than that. It is conceptualized and created keeping in mind the passionate musicians and listeners alike, for the Gen Y and the old folks and everyone who loves listening to the best of both worlds. With a rich collection of vintage songs and the exclusive features that enable you to hear modern music, Carvaan is indeed the perfect combination of the retro and modern era. Now, you can enjoy the retro music and the modern Bollywood hits all at one place with Saregama Carvaan Premium.

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