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Sausage Brands That Are Healthy, Delicious and Where Do They Come From

If you are in the market for premium quality dog food, then Sausage Brands is definitely one brand you want to check out. They have been around for a very long time and a trusted name in the industry. Their products are tested and chosen with care, making sure your dog gets only the healthiest, highest-quality product possible. In fact, they carry over 30 different breeds in their line. The one thing they DON'T accept is "all-natural" foods. So, be forewarned that if your dog has any type of medical condition or is sensitive to ingredients, this may not be the best brand for you.


Sausage Brands is famous for its smoked sausages, so if that is something you want in your dog's meal, this is definitely the brand for you. These sausages are handmade with every single cut, so they are guaranteed fresh and delicious, just like they are. Sausage Brand's premium dog food is made using the most high-quality cuts of meat available, and they are cured for up to 48 hours to give your dog the most tender, flavorful sausage you've ever cooked. Many people say it is the best tasting meat they've ever had.


Most premium quality brands are made in California, but Sausage Brands also has a manufacturing plant in Richmond. Because it's manufactured here, this means it is completely gluten-free, and also, there is a much lower occurrence of cross-contamination with wheat, corn, barley, and oats. Cross-contamination with these foods is very common; therefore, dogs that eat these kinds of foods need a double dose of gluten-free sausage brands to keep them safe from possible gluten cross-contamination. The manufacturing process Sausage Brands uses guarantees a safe, healthy product every time.


A third company, which is popular amongst pet owners and can also make top-quality beef, turkey, venison, salmon, and bison, is Sausage Farm, which is located in Illinois. In their honor, their best chicken sausages have been named as the official food of the American Association of Housekeeping. People who have tried their recipes find that they're pretty good, and the price is very reasonable. They also have some ground beef that is cooked tenderly and great for those who don't care for their chicken fried steak.


There are several other great brands that are vegetarian friendly, and use ingredients that are certified as human-safe. Some of these brands are Good Life Foods, which has a line of products that are vegetarian-friendly and have no questionable ingredients whatsoever. Some of their other popular brands include Hidden Valley, Hill's Preserves, and Nature's Sunshine. While these don't exactly name brand, you can feel confident that whatever you purchase is fresh, wholesome, and safe for your dog.


Other brands to look out for include Trader Joe's, and the vegetarian-friendly Gold Medal Foods. They both sell high-quality whole foods, including sausages, and they are both certified as human grade. When shopping at Trader Joe's, or any of the other brands mentioned above, it's important to check for ingredients like sulfites, which are found in all meat and poultry processed by the meat and poultry companies. When buying at a company like Trader Joe's, it's best to read labels and ask questions when ordering, to ensure that you're getting a safe and healthy product that contains no unnecessary ingredients.

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