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Save Up To 25% on Electricity Bill With Solar in Lucknow

As solar panels have become affordable over the past years, more and more Indians have started welcoming the sun. The government is investing money and is putting more focus on the development of solar technology.  It is devised as an affordable and independent way to power people's lives.

Solar Company in Lucknow

The solar power generators strive to generate 40 GW of power from rooftop projects by the end of  '22. The Indian government is trying to reach its goal by net metering. Net metering is a convenient way to convert rooftop energy into a solar power plant. It is viable and sustainable at both institutional and individual levels.

In net metering systems, you only pay for the shortfall power used, i.e. the difference between the energy used by the household from the grid and the solar power generated from the panels. This not only reduces your bill but also gives you an opportunity to save more. Net metering system components like solar panels are very low maintenance.

Inverters and mounting structures require very low maintenance. Since these installations do not demand generators or batteries, a considerable expense for their support is avoided. The net-meter calculates the difference, whether positive or negative, of how much power you’re sending to the grid and how much power you are using from it after sundown.

Solar Company in Lucknow

However, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy by the Government of India grants financial subsidies for solar panel systems subject to specific conditions.  The up-to-date benchmark cost and capital subsidy terms for rooftop solar systems may be checked on the website of MNRE.

The Department of Financial Services has also instructed to all Public Sector Banks (PSBs) to encourage home loan/ home improvement loan seekers to install rooftop solar plants and include the cost of the system in their home loan proposals.

Ways to save on electricity bill-

  1. Install solar panels on your roof
  2. Connect it to net-metres
  3. Generate energy
  4. Especially on a bright sunny day or when you’re out on vacation, send the excess back into the local power grid.
  5. Get paid for posting excess power back to the regional power network.
  6. At the end of the day, one will end up spending less or say pay very fewer electricity bills.

Solar Installer in Lucknow

A solar system can help you lessen your electricity bill in many situations by a good amount only if you use the electricity at the time it is built. Although, zero future dollar bills are next to impossible to achieve now other than with off-grid systems.

A solar company in Lucknow, like Mysun, provides the mentioned above benefits. MYSUN is the biggest online rooftop solar company in India, and they operate in multiple states in North, central and western India. They have advanced technology and highest quality solar services in Lucknow, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Ghaziabad to name a few.

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