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Scaling up Chances of Approval for your Home Loan Application

A home loan is an essential financial tool and aids in securing your goal of buying your dream home. It can help you meet the large fund requisites for a new home, irrespective of whether you are purchasing your first home or an additional property. As you prepare to apply for a home loan, you must know that lenders require you to fulfil a set criteria when approving the same. Being aware of the same will help you increase your chances of getting your home loan approved.

Here are some ways that will help scale up your chances of approval for a home loan:

Effective debt management – It is extremely important that you manage your debt effectively. Home loan lenders evaluate the payment behavior of the applicant before the loan is approved. This gives them assurance of your repayment ability. To effectively demonstrate your debt management, you should make timely credit card repayments, pay any accounts before the due dates and keep your used credit lower than the available credit ratio. Being aware of the same will help you increase your chances of getting your home loan approved.

Maintain stable employment and income – Banks need an assurance that you will be able to meet the repayments in the long term. Maintain a stable employment and ensure that you can prove the same through employment reference letters and more. Additionally, the income graph too must be stable or should have increased over time.

Use a letter of explanation – If you think that you have any discrepancies’ in your application, you can provide the lender with a letter of explanation. This letter can include all the reasons why there are legitimate negative markings such as late credit payments, loss of employment, missed payments or any other aspect that you wish to include. Any temporary financial setbacks must be highlighted and explained through this letter.

Do your homework – When looking through the several home loan lenders, do you homework well. Understand about the right kind of loan and the several requisites as part of it. This will help you when interacting with bank representatives. Knowing what you want and the aspects attached to the same will help present yourself in the best light.

Reserve the down payment – Lenders need you to cover a small part i.e. at least 5 to 20 percent of the total home cost as a down payment. Ensure that you have this reserve in place or know of how you will fulfil the same before you visit the lender. 

Ready a co-signer – Depending on your bank and the amount that you require to fulfill your home loan, your bank will need a co-signer. A co-signer is one who guarantees or backs your loan application. The creditworthiness of the co-signer too is reviewed. Thus, you must seek an individual with a strong profile in the case that your bank does require a co-signer. You must also note the fact that if you are unable to make timely payments or default as a borrower, the co-signer is held liable as one who must fulfill the loan repayment.

Evaluate your credit report – The credit score is an important aspect that is considered by lenders when approving of a home loan. This information is used to understand the types of credits you use, the open accounts and whether you are a responsible borrower. Thus, it serves to carefully evaluate your credit report and its contents. Look out for any errors or any kind of discrepancies as part of your credit report before applying for a home loan.

Following the above-stated factors will not only better your chances of getting your loan approved, but also ease the application process.

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