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Screen Recorder: A Highly Underrated Software

Soon after its inception, a software called screen recorder became highly popular due to its wonderful and practical uses. As the name suggests, this software helps a user to record anything that is being displayed on his/her device and share it with others.

Usually, people use it for recording videos on their phone which cannot be downloaded directly through the web. Well, the tech savvy’s would say that it is a fairly narrow vision as to how the software can be utilised. This article lays special emphasis on the very idea behind the software and how you can put it different uses to maximise it potential.

#1: Creating E-Learning Courses and How-To Guides

In the modern era of social media, almost every entrepreneur or businessman wants to provide E-Learning courses for their subscribers or viewers. You must have noticed it on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It becomes very convenient to record the footage of a particular software and then share it as a video to someone.
How amazing it is that this software has enabled a person to learn a completely new skill at the comfort of his/her home.

#2: Creating PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint is one of the most highly used software in offices around the world. Screen-recorder software can be utilised in creating an on-demand presentation by recording the information on the slides. Good tip, right?

#3: Capturing Online Streaming Videos

Do you ever feel the need to record something which is being broadcasted live so you can watch it later? If yes, this software can prove to be a blessing! Be it on a website, app any social media platform, this software will help you record any online streaming video, right through your screen. Seriously, all you need is some free space on your device because this thing can record for hours!

#4: Reporting Bugs or Requesting Technical Support from IT

We all come across moments when we need to request support or report an issue for a particular product or service but the issue just cannot be expressed with mere use of words. To make matters worse, even we cannot understand the exact fault or root of the problem. Fortunately, we have this software to facilitate us. It lets us record the exact sequel of events which take place on our device and share the same with the support team. Some softwares have a built-in editor too. You can cut and join video segments, apply filters add background music and much more.

#5: Providing Value to your Customers

If you are to thrive in the competitive market, you have to provide as much value as you can. The customer must feel convenient. This software lets you explain your online service better by recording the series of activities or its general procedure. Everyone might not be able to understand the complexities involved in your online services. Thus, you can guide them through the procedure by recording what to do and when to do.

In short, the software is very versatile and can be of good use if used in accordance to its full potential.

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