Sea Grass Rugs- Add an Eco-friendly Decor To Your Home


A gift that has been provided from the sea, seagrass rugs are one of the healthiest and environment friendly choices for Natural fibre rugs.

They are basically made from SeaGrass which is found in the sea, later it is dried in order to make the rugs. It grows quickly, in great amounts and is the most eco-friendly and sustainable matter on the planet.

Characteristics of SeaGrass Rugs:

Seagrass offers abundance in textures and patterns. As it grows in salt water, it is extremely impermeable and also resistant to water. The fibres have a light sheen of colour and later it reduces to a khaki colour.

Seagrass rugs are generally tied up with leather or cotton and latex is used to back it up, so they stay at a place and are non-reversible. Their fibres being resistant from stains, the seagrass rugs cannot be coloured or dyed.

Regardless they are very stylish and give a natural look because the patterns weaved in them provide a great texture. They can be accompanied by various interiors and also you can easily put another rug on its top for a different look.

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Benefits of using Seagrass rugs

It is resistant to stains and has incredible durability. It is comfortable to the feet and is a great choice for porches, entryways, kitchens and bathrooms. They are easy to maintain.

As the new trend in decorating homes is emerging to bring nature indoors, the seagrass rugs are the best options for giving a designer look to your room.They are also very easy to clean.

It mainly grows in the wetlands of Asia; they are easy to grow speedily and are the best alternative for someone who wants eco-friendly ways for decorating their home.

But it is not always a convenient decision to take an environment conscious approach, but choosing seagrass rugs helps you in both, using natural fibres and the maintenance is also easy, as dirt does not cling to the rugs.

Seagrass rugs use fibres that can suit the dining room, bed room and living room; it may also be used in high traffic area as a runner in hallway. In comparison to other rugs it shows very little crushing .

Binding materials used in the rug involve linen, canvas, and leather to provide a complete finish to the edges. It may also have a natural latex back mainly for stability.

Care and Maintenance:

  1. Vacuum the rug every few days, importantly with a vacuum cleaner that has a revolving brush. Move it from left to right and top to bottom as it has weave, that is uneven, vacuuming from both sides helps remove dirt fixed in the weave.
  2. Blot anykinds of spills immediately. Use a clean white cloth to press down on the spot, but avoid rubbing, which leads to spreading of the stain. In case of solids, lift them with a blunt knife.
  3. You can air dry your seagrass rugs if they become wet, and in case you have smaller rugs you can also take them to a dry cleaner for better and deep cleaning.