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Search and Control Your Roku Device Using Your Voice


Roku is a great addition to streaming devices. It is a plug-and-play device; just plug it into your TV and configure all your favorite content on it such as a huge directory and options for playing music. For this, you need to set up and link your streaming device via roku.com/link web address.

However, one of the best features of Roku is that you can now search and control it using your melodious voice. In case you are wondering how to utilize this cool method of voice commands on your smart TV, we have got your back.

Through the free Roku mobile app and Roku Enhanced Remote, you can utilize conversational phrases like 'open Sky Store' or 'show me movies with Tom Hanks' to get the job done.

For Which Purposes, I Can Use Voice Search?

The following is a rundown of the voice search directions you can utilize with any Roku streaming gadget.

  1. Locate a Particular Title



"Find Avengers: Infinity War"

"Show me episodes of Wonder Woman"

  1. Discover Content in a Genre


Find action movies”

Show me dramas”

  1. Dispatch a Streaming Channel


"Go to Amazon Video"

"Launch BBC iPlayer"

Important Note: Channels incorporated into search results may differ depending on the region. You have to pay for some channels as well as content.

  1. Discover Content for a Director or Actor


"Woody Harrelson"

"Search for drama movies with Peter Jackson"

"Search all Charlize Theron movies"

  1. Discover Content in a Genre on a Channel


"show narrative movies on Sky Store"

How Would I Use Voice With My Mobile Device?

Roku gives you a facility to issue voice commands with your mobile device by getting to, Remote, What's On or Channels on the mobile app. First of all, make sure that you have successfully set up and activated your streaming device using Roku activation code.

Get started by opening the Roku mobile app and then adhering to the directions underneath.

Using Channels and What's On

  • Tap channels or What's On on your device screen.

  • Tap on the search icon and get access for the search page.

  • Once done, tap on the microphone symbol to use your voice for search or control directions.

  • Simply talk into your cell phone at a usual volume, and tap the center of the screen when got done with talking.

Using Remote

  • Tap on the remote symbol given on the screen.

  • The next step is to tap on the microphone icon.

  • Just talk into your cell phone at a typical volume.

After your question is handled, the versatile mobile application will complete your demand, either giving you a rundown of query items on your cell phone or refreshing your Roku gadget.

How Would I Use Voice With My Roku Enhanced Remote?

Let's have a look at the steps to complete the task successfully:

  • Take your remote in your palm.

  • Point your remote in the upward direction and place it a few inches away from your mouth.

  • Press the microphone button on the remote.

  • Clearly talk into your remote at a typical volume.

Once done, your Roku gadget will do your demand, conveying you to the Roku Search screen or somewhere else inside the Roku interface.

What If My Voice is not Recognized?

On the off chance that your verbally expressed phrase isn't caught accurately, pursue the on-screen prompts to attempt once more. Ensure you are talking clearly and at an ordinary volume. You can even use the on-screen keyboard with Roku search option to resolve the issue. In case you are still facing the same issue, it is recommended you to opt for instant Roku support from our expert technicians.



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