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Seasonal Jobs for Extra Income

If you’re looking to supplement your income but can’t take on a full-time job, consider seasonal work. You will work hard for the 1-3 months, but the work will come to an end and you will be a bit wealthier for it. Seasonal work is great for all kinds of people where a traditional year-round schedule won’t work for them.


There are certain times of year where everyone needs more delivery drivers. If you’re willing to give up your spare time around Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s especially, there should be plenty of seasonal truck driving jobs available. These jobs can be for a local delivery area or city to city depending on the type of license you have. If this seems like the type of work you might be interested in doing for a short time, research how to obtain a CDL in your state.


If you’ve ever been to an event where everybody had a phone in their hand, but nobody remembered to take any pictures, then you know why hiring a photographer to commemorate a special day is important. Advertise your services to take family holiday photos or take pictures at a child’s birthday party (freeing up the parents to concentrate on the fun). You don’t have to be a professional photographer who charges outlandish rates to make a few extra bucks for an hour’s work. You just need a decent camera and a good eye for composition.

Holiday Decorator

Believe it or not, there are people who will pay you good money to decorate their house with holiday lights. One way to gain customers is to decorate your own house early in the season and post a sign out front that asks, “Like what you see?” and includes your number. Decide up front if you want to use a customer’s lights or if you prefer to purchase them on a house-by-house basis and charge it back to the homeowner. Keep the money coming in for an extra month by selling take-down services also.

Holiday Character

You don’t have to be jolly with a big belly to get work as a holiday character, although if you want to play Santa Claus, that look will certainly help. Malls with picture-with-Santa booths need elves and sometimes a Mrs. Claus also. Those same set-ups often need an Easter bunny, leprechaun and maybe even a Thanksgiving turkey. Work a few weekends, sweat a little and earn some extra holiday money.

Festival Worker

If you don’t mind long weekends, look for festival jobs. This work typically involves set-up, ticket-taking, crowd control, clean-up or just walking around in a costume “creating atmosphere.” Haunted houses are another good source of seasonal work during the month of October. The hours will be late, and you will probably be asked to dress in something gruesome and scream your head off, but after the fake blood is washed off, you will be set with some extra cash.


You don’t need a Ph.D. to tutor an elementary or middle school student for their classes. You just need patience and basic math and reading skills. Many parents would be thrilled if you would sit with junior for an hour a couple times a week to help him through his homework. It’s amazing what kids will do if someone other than their parents ask them to.  High season for tutoring is the spring before most state standardized tests.

Camp Counselor

People who work at camps aren’t all super tan college students. Camps need real adults to coordinate activities, run the office, drive the bus and work in the kitchen. Some overnight camps will offer you room and board (if you don’t mind living in an unairconditioned cabin). Most camps require a summer-long commitment, so you’ll be earning money to spend another time of year.


Seasonal jobs can be great if you’re a student, a homemaker, between jobs or if you just need a little income boost without the commitment. Keep your eye open for jobs in advance, as well-organized organizations do their hiring ahead of the season they need.

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