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Secret Messaging Apps of 2020

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People with important messages about their business deals or many people who are concerned about keeping their messages secure always try to find a way to keep messages secret from cyber attackers, state or country authorities and opposition organizations.


We find a way to keep them secure with the help of Secret Messaging Apps.


These applications give their surety to secure messages from unfaithful authorities ( who try to take wrong advantage of your messages ) by taking the risks to make sure that the user’s data always remains secured within their surveillance.

The Best Secret Messaging Apps are as follows:


Threema is the world's leading secure messaging app which keeps the user’s data fully safe from cyber criminals and the government authorities. This app provides its user end to end encrypted communication via messages, voice calls, video calls, and even media files, group chats, voice calls, video calls, etc. gets secured.

This application is available on Android as well as on IOS for $3.33.

Price doesn’t matter when the app is giving you so much surety and convenience.

Main features of Threema are as follows:

  1. This app deletes the messages instantly when it is read by the other person.

  2. This Secret Messaging application doesn’t show any advertisement as well as not collect user data.

  3. User can sync his/her contacts.

  4. It doesn’t require a phone no. instead they give a unique Threema user ID.


Telegram is the most reliable secret messaging application for free which is available on both Android and IOS. This app is very easy to use with messages encoded end to end and users can search messages, filters in Global Search. A User can do video calls, voice calls, create public groups and also can send large media files securely to other users without any much trouble.

Main features of Telegram are as follows:

1. Users can edit photos and videos before sending it.

2. Using Telegram, users can create groups up to 200,000 participants and can also set up bot for special tasks.

3. This Secret Messaging App delivers the messages in the least data bytes that is possible.

4. It has no additional in-app purchases and shows no advertisements for better experience.


WhatsApp Messenger:

It is the world’s leading secret messaging app which sends end to end encrypted messages and can even allow the user to see offline messages. It is available on both Android and IOS for free.

WhatsApp also allows its users to switch their personal account to WhatsApp Business Account which serves greatly to small & medium scale businesses.

Main features of WhatsApp Messenger are as follows:

  1. Users can also send and receive messages securely on WhatsApp web on their computer or PC browser without any difficulty.

  2. In WhatsApp, one can share contacts, location, set chat wallpaper and can send broadcast messages to numerous contacts at a time.

  3. It doesn’t take any charges to WhatsApp messages, call or video call Internationally like the charges paid on SMS messages.

  4. Users have no need to set any username or to set a pin, instead people can register through their respective phone numbers and need to enter OTP to verify. 

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