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Secrets ofthe Best Poses for Everyday Photography

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Despite having a professional makeup, hairdo and outfit gurus at disposal, why we fail to take the Instagram perfect shot? Well, body language is the most important factor that contributes to getting incredible shots.  Pick up the nearest magazine and see the model or your favourite celebrity posing on the cover. Besides her flawless makeup and dreamy dress, it is her body language that portrays her confident women.

So you want to look great in your photos, but after years of taking a grim, mug-shot passport photo, you've forgotten how to smile. no fear! Ohio-based photographer Jode Ball recommends these six tips to transform your photos from a police-station photo-lineup to a stylish, magazine cover.

First, strike a supine posture. Stir that guilt from your shoulders! Second, move your body three quarters away from the camera; This will make it difficult for you to identify whether you are in the police-lineup or not. Third, lower-your hands. You are not being held after all. Fourth, lower your shoulders and fifth, bend your knee. Finally, tilt your head slightly, and voila, you are a model!

That is to say, there are many handy secrets that you need to remember for everyday photography. You can follow the below-given refreshingly simple rules to look breathtakingly beautiful (and natural!) every single time! You don’t even have to sit through a cheek-aching photo sash anymore.

1.    Figure Out The Perfect Angle

The camera should be at the eye level of the model. If it is not at the eye level then make it higher thanthe eyes level as everyone looks great from above!

Firstly, photos from this angle highlight the stunning eyes of the model. Secondly, this angle hides less flattering elements under the chin!

2.    Smile and Laugh Like No One Is Watching

Everyone has a different way of smiling and laughing. To give a natural smile and laughter for a perfect shot, remember anything that makes you laugh or smile. Most importantly, this trick will help you to come up with an authentic smile that works best.  A warm and beautiful smile comes from within. So think of beautiful things to come up with a true smile.

In case you have to give a fake smile, push your tongue against the top front of your teeth. This trick will help you to lift your cheeks and give a real smile.

3.    Fix The Light

The brighter it is, the better it will be! Low light will ruin your everyday photography. Be a sunflower and turn your face towards light. Either t is window, doorway, candle, lamp, mirror or car light, face the light to get a perfect photo.

Moreover, never put a light at your right or left, always keep it right in front of you. The light out aside can form weird shadows on your face, ruining the photo completely.

4.    Keep a Check on Your Hands

Awkwardly hanging hands can ruin the photo in no time. So rather than leaving your hands hanging make sure to involve them in striking a perfect pose. Put them in your pockets, or on hips or on a chair aside. You can cross your hands or fold them at the back to look dapper.  Do whatever makes you look confident but please do something.

5.    Carry the Dress Well

Here is another important thing that you need to consider. No matter how beautiful your dress is if it is not of your size or you are not wearing it correctly, you will look miserable! Make sure to carry the dress accuratel!

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