Monday, December 11, 2023
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Secure your building with and fire protection

During the construction phase of a building, different fire safety measures and reaction protocols must be taken into account in the event of such a case.

One issue that is not generally evaluated during the building design process is the fire safety measures that should be taken during the construction of a building. We secure building with fire prevention equipment in homes and industries places and our Redmen Fire Protection Management services provider specialist fully experts in their work, get to contact with us in just on click.

The reality is that buildings under construction, as well as buildings that are being renovated or demolished, have a higher probability of catching fire than buildings already built.

There are many sources of ignition during construction, such as welding work, temporary electrical connections, and storage of combustible liquids. The fire can easily spread as the building's fire protection systems are unfinished and the building's passive protections are incomplete. The lack of exterior enclosures means that the wind can have an important impact on the rapid development of flames. The building is packed with workers, while the escape stairs are still without proper enclosures and the fire alarm system is inoperable or not yet installed.

Every facility or building must have minimum conditions of security and habitability, especially those dedicated to housing, work or public places. Prevention and maintenance must be considered in all types of buildings, adopting the necessary measures, from their conception and construction to their operation. In the case of fortuitous phenomena such as fires, it is necessary to have a system that defines Fire Protection based on the risk presented by each particular building.

To develop the concept of Fire Protection based on risk, a series of activities developed progressively are integrated: from the identification and evaluation of risks, the available resources, the preparation of the evacuation plan, training, etc.

It is of special interest that the application of this Plan is carried out by fire safety professionals, according to the needs of each building.

Fire protection comprises the set of standards intended to prevent these incidents and ranges from the use of the building to the construction conditions, location, installation and equipment that must be observed; concepts that are extended to uses other than those of a building to the extent that they require it.

The objectives to be pursued are:

·         That the fire does not occur.

·         If it occurs, that the evacuation of people is ensured.

·         To avoid the spread of fire and the effects of toxic gases.

·         That the tasks of attacking the fire and its extinction are facilitated.

·         That as a consequence of the accident, irreparable structural damage does not occur.

Fire Protection:

According to this classification, the study of fire risks resulting from different activities or human attitudes and the particular characteristics of the environments where such activities are carried out corresponds to preventive protection or prevention.

Prevention is the most important part of Fire Protection since its first objective is that the fire does not occur.

It deals with electrical installations, heating, gas, ovens, fireplaces, storage and use of flammable substances, study of materials that can be attacked by fire and all other issues related to possible causes that give rise to fires and their spread.

The study of all these variables allows the formulation of a regulation that in each country considers its particularities and whose dissemination both at the professional and user level, through conferences, publications and courses, seeks to prevent the start and spread of fires.

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