Top 5 security tools for startups

security tools for startups
Cyberattacks are one of the biggest problems in the internet world. As many of our day to day activities are done online, the risk of security breach also increases. This is not a big deal that companies spend thousands of dollars to get the tightest security measures.

But the most asked question is, what about those who start a new business and don't have funds to pay for expensive protection of your business. No business small or large can afford to ignore cyber security. And as per some research cybercriminals attack small businesses mostly because it is the easiest one. 

Well, cybersecurity is not that much luxury that only multi-million companies can afford. There are many perks in doing business in the digital era, and one of these having a large number of resources at your disposal. 

If you are looking for ways to strengthen your companies cyber security, here are 5 security tools for startups that every new company should use. 

1. Get secure office hardware   

To secure the cloud storage good hardware is very important. Says Christoph Schell, president, America, HP Inc. lets take an example if your company has 500 employees, it's very easy to keep one secure cloud structure than it is to secure 500 laptops. Mitigate the risk of data theft, and take proactive practices and policies to engage each employee in the security process. 

In order to stay long in digital business, small businesses must select secure hardware and adopt every possible way to protect themselves. For this purpose I will suggest your security software, Touchpoint Manager, it will minimize your security vulnerabilities and monitor protected systems. 

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2. Keep spies out of your email   

People who are involved in digital business, lawyers, salespeople widely use email tracking solutions to improve sales and can engage better with clients. Those solutions are popular in GRM system. This system is useful but had disadvantages too because cybercriminals also use these tools by which they can track the date and time at which emails are opened, they also got to know that from which place you open those emails and to whom they are forwarded. 

So to protect your business from these types of malicious activities use MailControl which help company to block spy email from hitting their inbox. This tool saves you from targeted phishing attacks.  

3. Train your employees  

One of the most common attacks on small businesses are phishing attacks, cybercriminals send an email that contain some malicious activities and that email looks like an original email that is sent by some organization. If your company employee is less skilled so they click on that email that means they are in the trap of cybercriminal. To keep away your employees from this problem you have to train them. 

Security Mentor has created a 10-minute lesson with its security awareness training program, this helps small businesses to train employees to be aware and alert while making the right choices in potential cyber crises through these online lessons. 

4. Get SSL for your website 

Many companies use SSL and TLS only on shopping carts or login pages. This helps them to secure their customer’s data. If companies use an Extended Validation (EV) certificate, a web browser will display a green padlock and website address bar, and also the company name will be mentioned next to it. 

Not much companies encourage to get SSL, this means that the entire website is protected HTTP, this thing protects you from modern cyber attacks that may steal your information. 

5. Stop ransomware  

Ransomware is malicious software that is designed to block the access to a computer until the user is agreed to pay a sum of money. There are many businesses that are infected by ransomware every day. If you are thinking to download anti-virus to fight again ransomware so this is not possible antivirus can do nothing about it.

CryptoStopper is the tool which helps you to fight against ransomware, this help small business to protect their network. This encrypts the files in your computer system which saves your personal data.

These are some top best security tool which any of the new business can use to protect their data from cyber criminals.