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Select Home Warranty: Home Warranties Explained

Are you fed up with paying service charges, repair charges, and replacement charges when you call trained professionals to fix damaged or faulty home appliances? If yes, a home warranty is a right choice for you. You get plenty of benefits at an affordable price without looking for a service engineer here and there.  

If you wanted to know more about the select home warranty, read this blog. We have compiled various aspects of that in this informative blog. 


What is a home warranty?

Owning a home is expensive, and more so, you have to spend a lot on purchasing the long list of home appliances. Similar to getting a warranty for a purchase of a new item, companies offer a warranty on your home and household appliances as well. 

In simpler words, it is an annual service plan that covers various replacements, repair, and servicing of home appliances. You do not need to contact different people to repair different items. There is a single point of contact for hassle and stress-free maintenance. 


Home warranty coverage

Coverage depends on the nature of the plan an individual is opting for his or her home. Heating system, garage door opener, oven, stove, water heater, plumbing issue, electrical appliance, cooktop, dishwasher, Ductwork, Ceiling fans, exhaust fans, air-conditioning system, refrigerator, dryer, etc., are covered in most of the cases. 

By paying some extra charges, you may get a warranty for the sump pump, septic system, well pump, limited rooftop repair, and central vacuum.


Need for purchasing the plan

    1. There are numerous reasons for buying a home warranty plan. Contacting different people for different works is always stressful. Under the warranty plan, you will call the centralized number and will tell the issues. Within the shortest possible time, their service engineer will reach your location. 

    2. Maintenance work is always time-consuming. When you are in need of trained staff to repair something, they come to your location based on a time of their preference. You can not force them to come at a particular time. Secondly, upon their arrival, they need to be supervised at all times.

However, when you have the warranty service, you get into a contract with the company. You can schedule the time of service and they are a service you can trust, as they provide you with the details of every person involved in the process. 

    3. It is always a costly affair to pay service and related charges to a separate person. You save more than 50 percent on overall spending in a year. When it comes to home warranty services, one may call at odd hours of the night as well. Say when the air conditioner has stopped working, you have an option to call them, and they will take up your request without any extra charge. 

    4. Preventive maintenance is another additional feature of a home warranty. Many times minor electrical issues may completely damage the appliances. Furthermore, some appliances require periodic maintenance. The air-conditioner is one of the appliances when not taken care of properly, it will not give proper cooling. 


Residents avoid contacting service engineers to avoid payment and in that way, damage their costly air condition system. Based on the terms and conditions of a select home warranty, an engineer comes to attend to the appliance on a regular basis. Thus you save yourself from major faults in the appliances.  

The benefits are more when we compare the price. That’s why it is highly recommended to opt for home warranty service at the earliest. 

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