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Sell Your Car Safely During the Covid 19 Outbreak!


We know everybody’s health is at a great risk today! But that doesn’t stop the cycle of life and living. Your old things will get older and you’ll have to replace them with something new. Your car for example. It would have suddenly stopped working due to lack of usage during the lockdown or maybe it’s high time you gave it up because of its age and dilapidated condition.  Now, in order to get a new, it’s crucial to sell the old one. But even while doing so, ensure you are taking maximum precautions keeping the pandemic situation in mind.

 Safety Rules to Follow for Selling Cars During Covid 19 Situation!

Safety is of prime importance, even more than money. That is why while you are eagerly waiting for the money you’ll get in exchange for your old car, be sure that your health and wellbeing doesn’t get compromised. So, let’s read about the safest way to sell your car during the pandemic outbreak:

  • Search for Online Selling Options — Social distancing is vital during the pandemic situation. So, in order to follow this rule correctly, do skip the step of calling buyers at your home physically. Instead, try to get the best ones through online search. You can place an advertisement on social media or let your friends know about the requirement and see if they can bring you a customer. You can even share the pictures of the car online and let the customers know the exact details about the vehicle.

  • Provide a Virtual Test Drive — It’s understood that no one would want to buy your car without a test drive. But you know handing your car to someone else in this situation isn’t safe at all. Well, we have got a fantastic idea for you. You can take your car for a drive by yourself and record it all in a video. Then just upload it either on YouTube channel or directly send the video to your potential customers. This would be like a virtual test drive more or less.

  • Get Ready for the Physical Customer Meeting – Say, for instance, if your customer insists on visiting you physically and checking the car personally, then you have to be very much ready for the examination. Start with cleaning every inch and corner of your car from inside and outside and sanitising the same. Don’t forget to wear a mask, your gloves and keep a good distance between you and the customer. Later, when everything is done and your customer leaves, you should sanitise the parts of the car that the person touched in order to guarantee maximum safety.

  • Or Simply Scrap It — If your car is really old and in a run-down condition, you could directly go for scrapping it by calling car wreckers in Sydney from Sydney Cash4 Cars. They’ll just pick up the vehicle directly from your home without getting close to you in person. As they aren’t interested in the condition of your car or the model and performance, they’ll just provide you with online payment and tow the vehicle away. So far, this seems the best way to sell your car easily in the safest way during the pandemic.

Well, you should definitely follow these tips to sell your car faster and easily during the pandemic situation. Just remember to stay safe even while carrying out essential tasks like selling your car.