Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Sell Your Home with a Top Rated Agent Using UpNest

How do you find a trustworthy real estate agent from the pool of over 2 million licensees across the country? 

The question is daunting once you actually start the process only to realize that the task is not as easy as it seemed. 

As real-estate is an intensively localized commodity, many choose agents solely based on their friends’ recommendations. However,  while doing this, you are often limited to a few choices whose suggestions might or might not be the best for your house. 

What if, instead of you searching for realtors, they come to you, with the best competitive rates in the market? Won’t that save you a lot of time? 

UpNest identifies the biggest challenges that most home sellers face in the real estate market, the difficulty in comparing agents and the high commission rates. That is precisely why UpNest offers transparency in the whole process and created a system that makes it easier for home sellers to find the top agents with the least effort. 

Why Choose UpNest to Find your Agent

The biggest mistake that home sellers make is hiring an incompetent agent who entices you with promises of high listing prices. The top real estate agents should not only be aware of the ins and outs of the market but also should be able to advise you throughout the deal. The job description of real estate agents has evolved over time, to adopt more technical, negotiating and marketing skills. 

With a large database of over 17,000 real estate agents, UpNest offers fair competition among the realtors on the site. The proposals made by agents are not visible to one another.  This consequently incites agents to propose lower commissions while guaranteeing high-quality services and guidance. 

For instance, in the typical San Francisco market, a seller would have to pay approximately $92k in commission for a house priced at a median of 1.5 million dollars. On UpNest, you are more likely to save a huge amount of $20,000 on commission while having easy access to the performance data of the best realtors in the area. 

Not only that, UpNest also provides experience details and authentic customer reviews as you can see here. The agents also offer several free services including professional photography, professional listing, and marketing. You will also benefit from the partnership that UpNest has with other local brokerages. 

Benefits of Using UpNest 

Apart from the low commission rates, there is plenty more that UpNest offers in favor of sellers and buyers. 

  • The Seller has full control 

As soon as you enter your preferences on the site, you will receive proposals from agents in the first few days. It is entirely up to you to decide whom to interview, how to negotiate and whom to hire. 

  • Local and data-driven results 

The agents listed on the website have proven success in the field of real-estate with an average of 10 years of experience. Users would be able to review their qualifications, fees and customer reviews, all at one place before making an informed decision. 

  • Know fees Upfront

You can also see the buyer commission refunds, commission rates and the savings you would be made upfront. There is no obligation to hire someone unless you find their services and reviews completely satisfactory. 

The most important thing you want from an agent is the personal guarantee on the performance. There is no better place than UpNest for you to find the most suitable realtor based on insights on their professional qualifications and customers’ experiences with them. 

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