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Selling Your House? Here Are The Essential Electrical Jobs To Get Done Before Doing That

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Are you putting off your home’s electrical renovation just because it's about to get sold? Well, that may look like a smart, money-saving move, but this way, you surely are compromising on a lot. Yes, while we emphasize enhancing the looks and appeal of our house before selling it, especially when it comes to its interiors. There are so many other aspects that need to be taken into consideration like, what about the wires behind those switches and the dangers that they hold for the people coming in? No wonder these issues are going to come forward once you will be getting the house inspected, hampering the sale amount of the house (the buyers would take off the cost of the repairs and renovations from the price of the house, obviously!). What’s worse? In case of an injury, it could land you in deep trouble. Need we say more about why to not to delay the electrical renovations of the house you’re about to sell soon. Mark it in your 'to-do list' before you put your property out “for sale”.

So, before putting your home for sale, better call an electrician in Darwin from Mark Salmon Electrical. They carry out the entire electrical inspection, repair, renovation, and installation work on your property and come with a whopping 30 years of experience in this field. Just reach out to them before calling the real estate agents home.

  • Replace Old Electrical Wiring: Do you have an idea when was the wiring installed in your home? If you think it’s more than three decades old, it’s important to change the entire wiring before selling the house. Otherwise, there are very high chances of electrical fires in future. So, before you call the brokers (and the inspectors come to inspect the place), replace the old wiring by calling experts to do the task

  • Add more outlets: A single outlet in the entire kitchen or just two or three in the living room aren't enough nowadays. Your house may have been constructed years back and during those times there weren’t so many gadgets around. However, today, you will find every second appliance working on electricity. From your stove to the washing machine and dishwasher, from TVs to laptops, from ACs to geysers, everything requires electrical outlets. No wonder you should have multiple of them in each room. And if your new house doesn't have these already, it's time to call the electricians and increase the number of outlets before it goes on sale. 

  • Update Age-old Circuit Panel: All the wires and connections of your home get connected to the main circuit panel. But what if this panel is outdated? The other connections of the house may get affected due to its improper working. When the new buyers will visit the house, they don’t check each of the wires and switches specifically, but they are only concerned about how good your circuit breaker panel is. Naturally, when that isn’t up to the mark, they’ll have doubts about the rest of the wiring system as well. It is suggested to call the electricians and change the outdated circuit panel and replace it with a new one.

The above-stated tasks are imperative before putting your house on sale in the market. Apart from these, do get the ground connection checked as well apart from replacing the damaged light fixtures so that your house is safe and welcoming for the new occupants. This will not just ensure your safety but will allow you to earn your potential buyer’s trust in no time.

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