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Sensible Home Remodeling Tips for Making Your Project a Success without the Tears


According to https://www.forbes.com, a 2018 survey of more than 1,200 American homeowners by Chubb revealed that is was extremely probable that 58% of them would undertake a home improvement project in the ensuing 12 months. Home remodeling is something most people look forward to because it gives them an opportunity to customize their homes according to their preferences. However, complete home remodeling can easily turn into a nightmare if you do not plan it right. Right from having to redo things to running out of cash, a home renovation has more potential pitfalls that what most people assume. Some tips from folks who have learned their lesson the hard way:

Make a Budget before Anything Else

Make a Budget

Quite like before buying a new home, you need to figure out how much you can afford, you should scan your resources and establish how much money you want to spend on renovating your home. While using personal savings is the most popular way of funding remodeling projects in America, if you are young and ambitious, there is really no reason why you cannot take on a loan to fund the exercise. While a home equity loan is relatively cheaper than a bank loan or swiping your credit card, the amount you can borrow is limited by the equity you have. Also, remember a commercial loan or revolving credit card loans can be quite expensive in terms of interest outgo so you need to be sure if you want to travel down that road.

Be Willing To Make Concessions

One can appreciate that list of renovations can be quite long and extensive but since everyone has a finite budget, you will need to establish what exactly is more important to you and whether you are using your budget wisely. Be sure to ask your contractor for some options, which you can tweak until you achieve that elusive balance between desire and affordability. The more thought you put into your project, the more options will open up for you. If you need to wait until you have the money to do something that you really want, so be it.

Shop Around for the Cheapest Finance

If you are in the market for a home improvement loan, you have a wide choice of banks and private lenders. While your credit score is all-important for getting you the best rates, you will be surprised to see how competitive the finance market can be and by not jumping to take up the first offer that you receive, you can save substantially. The savings can often be so significant that it may well be worth your while to start the remodeling exercise only when you are sure that you have got the best rate.

Get a Fix on What You Want

It is very important to decide what the scope of the remodeling exercise is before you start inviting quotes from bath remodeling Long Island contractors. Even though, you can hope to get very practical suggestions from experienced contractors. Being vague about your requirements will not help, as you will not be able to compare the different quotations. Take enough time to make a detailed list of the things you want to be executed and be as specific as possible as this will help to get you estimates from contractors that are accurate. Changing your mind mid-way can mean that some work may have to be undone and this can cost you both time and money.

Decide On What Kind of Contractor Your Need

If you are a hands-off kind of a person. And do not want to deal with individual subcontractors for each aspect of your home renovation. It is best that you engage a general contractor to handle the project professionally on a turnkey basis. However, if you are only interested in remodeling something specific like a bedroom, a bathroom, or a kitchen. You can always engage a specialist subcontractor to take care of the job.

For a larger project, engaging a general contractor is invariably better. As you can rely on them to identify the best subcontractors. To take on each aspect of the project or they even have their own teams. Hiring a general contractor also relieves you of the responsibility of managing the workflow. And ensuring all the different teams get along with each other.

If you are not very conversant with remodeling projects, hiring a general contractor is advisable. As you will definitely not know that at which stage you need to involve the subcontractors. However, convenience has its own price. As a general contractor will charge a fee, typically a percentage of the overall project cost. To know more visit One World News

Hire a Reliable Contractor

Since the rates of contractors can and do vary a lot. You need to invite several contractors to give you estimates for the work you have outlined for them. Even before that, by asking your friends and acquaintances. You should have made out a list of reliable contractors that you can consider. While shopping around can definitely give you the best prices. It is not necessary that you opt for the lowest quote.

In fact, if one quote is significantly lower than the rest, you should find out why it is so. Ask the contractors for estimates that are detailed so that you know what they are including or leaving out. Ask all the questions you want before signing the contract especially about things that are unclear. Or are couched in jargon. Insist on a written contract specifying the scope of supply of the contractor. And make sure that nothing is left out, especially the terms of the warranty.


Home remodeling can be quite messy and you can expect major disruption. Even if you plan to live on another floor. While noise and dust will pervade every corner of the house. You can expect more inconvenience if the bathroom or kitchen is being worked on. Insist on the contractor setting up portable toilets for his team so that your toilets are not invaded by strangers. Regardless of how much you have planned or how experienced the contractor is. You can always expect to encounter something unforeseen. That will result in the renovation taking extra time and money to finish. So, budget accordingly.

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