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SEO Basics: 22 Essentials You Need for Optimizing Your Site

SEO must be a sure thing if you are on an online platform. But not everybody in the organization knows the basics of this essential strategy. And this is what our focus is on in this article. If you aren’t aware of it yet, then begin with this article. Inevitably you’ll end up gaining some insights irrespective of the technical background.

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What is SEO?

It is a strategy to increase your visibility on the search engine results page by working on the on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Technically termed “Search Engine Optimization” to optimize the results and give the best reads to all the viewers.

Why do you need SEO?

Google sources millions of websites on certain aspects to index it. As you know, Google has a concern for user experiences as the utmost priority; it can’t afford to see zone the best reads for the users. If Google is paying attention to make the best article rank one, then it’s evident that the readers are on the first page to view those. It isn’t easy for the

Now let’s hover on what and what, not search engine views on

What is that search engines are glancing at?


Google is programmed in a way to deliver the relevant results for your search. You might probably be wondering about this factor when you see how off the fact that Google answers is pertinent to your search? That’ s simply because of the algorithm it works on. It can answer your simplest of the question to the high level of complexity based on that.

Peculiarity of content 

If you have been working on writing content focusing only on search engines, then what about the user comprehension? Are you even concentrating on giving them clarity of the concepts? Well, if you did not suddenly start doing it. Keywords are not the only one to give users a good quality of content as Google is going to shift this trend to look for the long scripts. So, you better get going.

Experience of users

A site must be such that it is easy to navigate and understandable for the users. They must have a pleasant experience rather than a tedious or difficult one to handle. How do you attract them? Give relevant content by offering internal linking. Let the website be appealing and attractive.

The tempo of the site

If your site doesn’t load quickly, then you must look at this factor with your site developer as it can’t take much time for every element to show up. Well, Google considers this factor seriously.


I know most of the websites are designed, keeping in mind only the desktop. What about mobile viewers? Will your site be able to reach them? Can it be optimized? Make sure it is compatible, nor are you off track from being highly ranked.

Links in the page

Google thinks of content to be trustworthy whenever it crawls the internal links. The more appropriate the links are, the more it crawls to index the site. You don’t want to be missing it, right? Not just that, it can rank good for specific keywords as well to show up these content to the viewers. And what else? Of course, the reader has more preferences to read and summon upon. So better use proper relevant anchor texts to get them reading more so that you have heavy traffic.


Some of the websites gain authority. Meaning to say they are the most trustworthy website by the users, the experts, and browsers out there. So if your website is one out there, then well and good. If not, then getting a link from these websites on your webpage is great for your ranking. So, as well, your quality content can get recognized and, at the same pace, can get on the pitch of being an authoritative website.

Meta title tags and meta description

To increase the rate of users clicking on your sites, this is useful. A snippet of the description of 156 characters makes it suitable by giving relevant headlines and the content itself. While on the other side, the meta title can be of your own, showcasing your brand names along with the keywords so that users know what your website is all about in short.

Markup of schema

Wondering what’s schema markup here? Well, that is a style to make your website give more information to the users in a glance of it in the search engine results page. So it increases the rate of attraction and as well as information such as image, ratings, and so on.

Alt attributes of the images

Tend not to oversee this feature when you are uploading an image. Well, this is an essential factor. As usual, the Googlebot would not know about your pictures but the alt attribute. Better describe the image to increase the image visibility on the screen.

Content that lasts forever

Want to drive more traffic on your cup? Why give insights on short stories or a glimpse of it? Why can’t the article be a little more insightful? Well, why not helpful? Stop focusing on short stories. Elaborate to give your real-time experience, which can surely last forever, and that brings traction!


While using keywords in your domain, be careful as Google may evaluate it, and harm the overall ranking. If you aren’t using “www.” in the domain, then Google may think of your site as a different one to go and not rank you well. Importantly stop using a hyphen in the domain name and mention the name with sub-directory root domains as it is a good practice than hopping on sub-domains.


Permalinks are the ones that you can alter in the CMS. Use 3 to 4 keywords in this link. While if you are in the headline, try making it more attractive than it can ever be and admittedly descriptive one relating to the content in your site. Let this headline be of 56 characters for complete visibility on the search results page for the articles.

Comments on your website

Below all the posts, let the comments section turned on. An indicator that users give enough of a time to read and comment on it. Either way, the negative one or positive or the proving ones or the valuable comments can surely help you improve on the posts that they are looking for. And be aware of the spam comments to rule them out as you don’t want to fall in the mess of inaccurate links. So do give “Nofollow comments” in such cases.

Location dependent SEO

Now since Google is one step forward to give users a real-time experience even while walking on the street based on their location, if your website is into prevailing such information, then be up to date with contact information, timings of open and much more in the Google My Business.

Be social

Social media can boom up your market. It gives it a pump of rising by broadcasting relevant channels and posts by trying to be of some service and being interactive rather than showcasing your direct means of marketing. Gather up the right crowd. The social signals have a good impact on relativeness to your SEO.

Now let’s look at what the search engine doesn’t care about.

It is quite essential not to follow certain things that Google is not looking for by evading or by the practice of not following it so that you are not in any mess.

Lurking texts and links 

Don’t fall into the trap of increasing your ranking by hiding the texts on your website by practices such as white background with white texts. Or less sized texts. You can be punished for this if Google finds it out.

Advertisement to download apps

Avoid sending users the advertisements to download the application to their devices on full screen. If you are seen carrying these, then you are not considered to be friendly to mobile users.

Exact content on two or more places

On your page or another page, if the same content are seen, then only one of them is indexed. You can’t get indexed for both of them. So try to keep the content unique for the same topic, maybe. It can be advantageous for the other person to steal your content and get high ranking while you may not receive any ranking. So better, stay protected.

Stuff not the keywords

I know Google considers keywords, but on the other side, it may evade actually, as the technique is not beneficial to rank upon. As it has, it’s own disadvantages. So stop stuffing the whole article with as many keywords it can take because it’ll lose its readability.


The ads are advisable but not so that it disrupts the user’s experience. See to it that they are not so disturbing because it may lead to having lesser traffic due to less reading experience on the site.

No link exchange

Try not to buy links as they are useless because you are very well aware that the links that can help you are the ones from the authority website and not the other ones.

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These are the possible things you can oversee and concentrate on to give the website the place it deserves to be. Of course, all of the sites tend to wish to be on the top. Call it a desire or a want but not losing the fact that we need to give clarity to the users and not just focusing on impressing the crawlers.

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