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SEO for business: How to appear first in Google?

The SEO company aims to increase traffic qualified, improve the visibility of your brand and, of course, attract more potential customers. In a short time, the Internet has revolutionized the universe of consumers and millions of people are spending more and more time online. Google being one of the first search options. Therefore, companies must find the most appropriate strategy to stand out and appear first on Google.

If you have an ecommerce, and you are not getting the benefit you expect, it is possible that the SEO positioning of your online store is little or not optimized at all. After all, to be able to sell, you need greater visibility. And in the Internet world, this is achieved by carrying out a good natural positioning strategy, along with other marketing actions.

It doesn't matter if your product is of excellent quality, that you have the most competitive prices on the market and that you are a great seller. If they don't see you, it will be difficult to get clients. For you to understand, it would be like opening a store in the middle of the Amazon jungle. The SEO positioning of an online store is its key point.

Why should my business consider SEO?

The following statistics will give you some of the reasons why your company should consider SEO as a good digital marketing strategy.

·         More than 73% of consumers turn to the Internet to search for products and services.

·         More than 70% of users say that they first search the Internet to find information about companies.

One more reason:

·         Did you know that more than 80% do not go beyond the first page of Google?

·         Without a doubt, these statistics are good reasons to apply SEO Search engine optimization.

First steps to position your company in Google

Whether you create the SEO strategy yourself or if you hire a digital marketing agency, it is essential that you know the following:

1. Create a friendly website

Nowadays, creating a beautiful and eye-catching website is not enough. Now it is essential that your website is designed with the user and Google in mind.

Thus, you have to consider the user experience to achieve a good positioning in Google. In addition, your website should have a fast-loading time and a responsive design (adaptive for mobile devices). Finally, consider web usability so that visitors find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

2. Strategically select your keywords

It is also important to do a thorough keyword research. The keywords have to be focused on the products or services of your business, considering the number of searches. For this, we advise you to use the “Google Keyword Planner” (Keyword Planner). Once the study is done, correctly include the keywords in the content of your website.

3. Create your profile in Google My Business

To position your business, Google offers us the «My Business» tool, where you can manage your company's information (location, name, images, etc.). So, every time they search for your company or words related to your sector, you will appear in Google; Also, you will have a presence on Google Maps (geolocation). Finally, users will be able to interact with your brand through comments and ratings, which will further increase your presence and credibility.

4. Invest in SEO Positioning service

All the above strategies will improve together if you invest in a specialized SEO Positioning service. It will help you to have advice from the beginning of your project and you can have better results if you have specialists. This service can focus on your SEO strategies.

5. Look for a Digital Marketing agency

Many Digital Marketing agencies offer SEO Positioning services as well as SEO reseller packages within their customs. With the help of these specialists, you will be able to improve your campaigns and position yourself in Google effectively, and with better results.


Do you have a web page and you don't know how to position it first in Google? Apply SEO for companies. 

Suvangkor Chakma
Suvangkor Chakma
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