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SEO Trends Of 2020 | Every Digital Marketer Must Know

Search Engine Optimization is the core of the growth of your business. Just like your backbone supports and gives strength to your online presence.

The rivalry for the reader's attention grows as new businesses spring up every day. By keeping up with the latest SEO trends, you will be able to meet unique criteria that search engines use to rate websites.

Google does hundreds of improvements per year to its search algorithms. Although most of the changes are small, they may affect your search ranking. These are some of the developments in SEO which I expect to see in 2020.

Here is a list of SEO trends which marketers may expect to leverage in 2020

Zero-Click Searches Taking Over

A zero-click search refers to any search query answered on the SERP itself so that no further clicks are required for users to complete the quest. Zero-click searches have risen over the years. This is only likely to increase as Google is gradually integrated with different services.

Google Local Packs, maps, and more than half of Google's searches have now been zero-click searches since Google launched featured snippets in 2014. Which means the answer to a user's question lies in the SERP itself without clicking anywhere. Zero-click does not automatically imply zero chances.

The end goal is always to build visibility through publicity and exchanging information. Rich knowledge of the featured snippets will serve as billboard ads that may prove more challenging to track than traffic on websites. But they also offer the brand name required exposure, create trust, and exchange knowledge with the audience.

Featured Snippets Taking Charge

Just when zero-click searches found the way in SERPs, featured snippets started to dominate SEO. The knowledge about SERPs has become more critical in situations where zero clicks have become prevalent. Generally, featured snippets show up above the first search result. You need to add the answer to your featured snippet's intended question to give you the best detail. The snippet features as a block of knowledge offer CTR a significant boost. It's better said than done, though.

Google has a way of recognizing featured excerpts based on content and rates them based on the assessment. Do not take this phenomenon lightly as it produces conversion of search results over 54.68 percent. It shows that almost half of the requests being transformed are overall. Featured snippets are a perfect way of ranking No one on SERPs and attracting more organic traffic.

Local SEO Changing the Scenario of Search Results

Customers are searching for the best resources and outcomes close to them and want fast responses. In this regard, local SEO lets your company show up on local search results so that consumers can get quick solutions to their problems. If you have a mortar and brick store or a franchise. Regional search rankings guarantee you strong market generation and conversions. Google and local shoppers also understand the importance of any company having a local presence. Research shows that consumers appreciate the local proximity a great deal. Like Google My Company, local SEO allows clients to have the most relevant search results based on where they are located.

Accurate business information is a must as inaccurate information creates mistrust for the company in general. Customers, most of the time, call a local company directly without ever visiting its website.

Voice Search Optimization

The emergence of artificial intelligence has turned AI-powered devices like Siri and Google Assistant into voice searches to get the job done. These searches have begun replacing search queries with type-in. Voice searches have a significant impact on search engine optimization as it is all about making voice requests instead of entering searches. However, search engines need to do much more than merely show relevant information when searching through voice. This transition has become inevitable, as more than 50 percent of the searches will be by a representative by 2020. While creating new content, make sure it is designed to take advantage of this phenomenon by voice.

Optimization for Mobile

Any website or service that isn't mobile-optimized will wave goodbye to their future search rankings. Mobile search optimization is a rising phenomenon, and by 2020, most searches will be on the web. However, technological dimensions have now become so advanced that having a mobile website is not clear enough. The GUI should be attentive, accessible, and address all possible questions. Studies indicate that 4 out of 5 consumers conduct their searches through mobile devices. Mobile search results have risen to 88% on laptops and PCs; it is currently 84%. That demonstrates that mobile searching has evolved to a considerable value.

Google BERT Update

The update to Google BERT came out in 2019 and had all the attention of SEO practitioners. Why? For what? Well, BERT concentrated on user-related optimization and technical content rather than optimizing for a particular or targeted algorithm. That means the content is searched and matched according to user-specific access points. For users to get more choices to do their searches, SEOs need to take all of the fundamental pillars of safe and efficient content delivery into account. Google has taken a big move with BERT's launch in making searches more about user intent rather than mere searches for strings.

Video Marketing on the Rise

Video marketing is undoubtedly a multimedia tool that is most entertaining at the moment. Google's surveys have shown that six out of ten people tend to view videos online rather than on Television. YouTube, the most popular video marketing site, has become people's new TV. YouTube has not only shared common videos with people but has provided the means to exchange information with advertisers. The knowledge that is conveyed on a video has a clear, comprehensive interaction with the viewer. Current users, especially millennials, prefer videos for either academic purposes or entertainment. That makes online videos a priority for a large number of businesses.

Content is the king

Content is everywhere; everything is material, from a written text to an image to a video posted to a web site. A growing website has a distinguishing capacity based on content that Google sees fit. For this reason, Google prefers websites with high-quality content. In terms of SEO, the content affects everything, from structure to linking strategy to link building styles. All in SEO is content-dependent, and by 2020, you need the best content possible to succeed. Which means which SEOs need to build or employ people who know how to create quality content. We need a thorough awareness of the use of best practices for content designed for SEO.

SEO has developed from just the practice of link building to the development of high-quality, targeted content that suits perfectly with user intent. 2020 is the year of digital marketing in the sense that AI is the nearest it has ever been to its comprehension of human experience. The above patterns have begun gaining momentum among the consumers. Many of those patterns still grow and have a long way to go. Both fresh and seasonal marketers need to recognize these trends to improve their SEO strategy and offer what they need to the customers.


Just when you think you fully understand the SEO, changes to the algorithms occur. Today's SEO is a systematic method that demands effective marketing strategies both offline and online. Invest in SEO as a long-term lead generation technique and remain on top of the new SEO trends to avoid being left behind.

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