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Serverwala VPS India: Key of High Traffic For Your Online Business

Taking your business online is no longer an option but a necessity for its growth and making your business more beneficial and successful. The online business has some special requirements and the server tops that list. If you want a successful online business then you need to invest in the best server for your online business. The performance of your online business directly depends on the performance and type of server you are hosting your business websites on.


VPS is one of the best and a popular choice for the online business owner all thanks to its higher reliability, performance and efficiency at an economical price. Let's know more about VPS hosting and the Best VPS hosting provider in India.

What is VPS India?

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The VPS is a big physical server that is divided into multiple virtual private servers. Each of the users would get one virtual private server and like that the server is shared among many websites.


VPS acts like a bridge between the shared server and dedicated server. As the VPS works on a shared server concept yet each of the users gets a dedicated virtual private server entirely to themselves. Since it is shared with a number of websites, you will get the VPS at a cheaper price which makes it a leading choice for online business owners in India.


Know About Serverwala

When it comes to finding the best VPS provider in India, Serverwala tops the list. Serverwala is one of the leading hosting provider companies in India that provides various kinds of hosting services like shared server, VPS, dedicated server, Colocation, reseller etc.


Although there are many VPS providers available in India, what makes Serverwala different from others is their robust infrastructure and trustworthy services. They use high end equipment that provides powerful hosting services. Moreover, you will get all these high end services at a cheaper price.

Serverwala- Best Plan & Packages Of VPS Hosting India

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Serverwala offers various VPS hosting plans for their clients. The clients would have multiple plans and packages to choose from according to their requirements and budget. So it becomes easier to find a plan that has everything your online business needs at an affordable price. Have a look at the various plans and packages offered by Serverwala VPS Hosting India:

Advantages of Serverwala VPS Hosting in India

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Now that you know what is a VPS hosting? Why do you need one? And which is the best VPS provider? You have got all the answers and if you are still not sure whether or not you should invest in Serverwala VPS Hosting in India then have a look at the benefits of VPS.


#1. Improved Performance

One of the reasons to invest in VPS hosting is you would get better and improved performance.With VPS, you no longer have to share resources with the server so your website won't get affected when the other websites are using more resources, like with the shared server. Your business website gets everything it needs and requires to ensure a better performance that attracts the visitors and customers in the first place.


#2. More Control

With VPS hosting, business owners would get more control over the server. They will get complete root access to their server. This allows them to use the resources or install any software or web application without any restrictions. The more control will help you to make sure your website functions smoothly.


#3. Scalability

Not only would you be getting full control and all the resources with your VPS, you can also scale up the resources if you need to. You can easily upgrade to larger sized RAM, get more disk space and purchase any other resources you are lacking.


Scaling the resources is important if your website is getting a huge traffic surge, so it doesn't crash and keeps performing smoothly.


#4. Low Cost

Getting a VPS hosting is not as expensive as you might think. You will get the best class services at an affordable cost. Serverwala offers a wide variety of VPS plans at different price ranges that makes it an economical efficient option for customers.


#5. Fully Managed VPS

The VPS would be fully managed by the provider where you can focus on growing your website using the dedicated resources of VPS. The technical team of Serverwala will be available for you and make sure you get the assistance you need with managing the VPS.


#6. Higher Security

The VPS offers higher security than a shared server as you don't have to share your server with unknown neighbours. This makes your website and online business less vulnerable to spammers, hackers, and malware.

Customers can also install any security software or application as they see fit without any restrictions. 


#7. 24/7 Customer Services

With Serverwala VPS, you will get customer service that would be available 24/7. You would be able to contact their support team whenever you need.


#8. Customer Review of Serverwala

Customer reviews are very important as you will know from the people who have already used the services and product and they have some honest remarks that can help you reach a decision.

Serverwala has thousands of happy customers in India as well as across the world. They have some nice things to say about their services.



As we have come to the end of this article, it's safe to say that VPS is the key to having a successful online business with higher traffic surge. You can't rely on a shared server and expect your website to grow at its full potential. That is why you need to upgrade your hosting service to VPS.

Serverwala VPS India is the best hosting services to invest in. As they offer high reliability, flexibility, and ensure better performance at a cheaper price. This makes Serverwala different and better than any other hosting provider company in India. So investing in their VPS plan would be the best thing for your online business.

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