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Setting Up and Using ExpressVPN on Chromebook and Chrome OS

At last, you have purchased a VPN? Congratulations. At least you value your privacy online. With a VPN for Chromebook, you are safe. You can now say goodbye to things like cyber-attacks, malware, viruses, geo-restrictions, etc. In a nutshell, a VPN for Chromebook has so much to offer. But how do you set up a VPN on your Chromebook or Chrome OS? How can Express VPN help you stay safe online? Well, this article is going to take you through the steps you need to set up a VPN for Chromebook. Remember to choose the best VPN for Chromebook for maximum security online. 

Download the Real VPN App

On your desktop computer, click on the Google Play Store button. If you can’t see it, click the bottom left circle button and then search for Google Play Store. In the search bar, type “ExpressVPN”.

And once the download is completed, the ExpressVPN icon will automatically appear on your list of applications. Click on the app icon to open it and then sign in to initiate the setup process. After entering your password and email address, click OK to allow the ExpressVPN app to setup VPN connections.

Connect to It to a Server Location

To connect to a server location, click the ON button. ExpressVPN will then suggest the locations that provide an optimal experience for you through a feature referred to as Smart Location. Once the “Connected” message appears on your screen, you can start surfing with freedom and security.

To verify if you’re connected to the VPN service, check your IP address. And if you’re performing this check through the Chrome browser, ensure that your Chrome OS version isn’t earlier than v64. Earlier versions of Chrome OS will definitely indicate a failed VPN connection.

Remember, a single ExpressVPN subscription can be utilized simultaneously on five devices.

Proceed to Disconnect a VPN Server Based Location

To disconnect your device from the VPN server, press the On Button when the VPN is connected. Once the “Not connected” message is displayed, then you’ll know that you’re already disconnected.

Select a Different VPN Server Based Location

If you want to connect to a different VPN server location, you’ll need to click on the ellipsis (…) in order to launch the Location Picker. And once you’re on the location picker, go ahead and click on your preferred location.

By default, the RECOMMENDED plus the ALL LOCATIONS tabs will be displayed. A FAVORITES tab will also appear after you have added locations to the favorites list. To do this, all you need is to drag a location to the right and your list of favorites will automatically be created.

Steps for Uninstalling A VPN from Chromebook

On your desktop, press the Google Play Store Button. And in the Play Store search bar, look for “ExpressVPN”. Then select ExpressVPN and click UNINSTALL.

The Bottom-Line

Investing in a VPN for Chromebook will guarantee you safety and security online. However, you need to get it right at the installation stage. The above guide will help you set up a VPN for Chromebook.                                  

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