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Seven Reasons Western Firms should Keep Investing in India

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India has always been an attractive market for the world. The government is continuously making reforms to the policies to attract investors. Make in India is one such initiative that has boosted investor trust in India. Cheap labor is another factor that has gathered interests of various MNC’s of the globe. Easy availability of skilled manpower that uses English as their business language makes business easy.

Seven reasons Western Firms should keep investing in India are stated as follows:

  1. Availability of ManPower:

Availability of cheap labor due to unemployment in particular India and overpopulation make it never run out of the workforce. The statistics show that the current scenario is going to impact its growth rate over the upcoming years positively. India might have the largest population in the working-age group in coming years. A lot of skilled engineers and scientists are readily available.

  • Growing consumer market:

India has dominance in people from middle-class families, and they are increasing in the next time, making it a growing demand for foreign goods and services. People prefer quality products as the average household is going to earn a lot more in the coming decades. The online market is continuously growing, following cheap internet prices, more and more people are getting access to the online market.

  • Healthy and strong Economic structure:

The Indian government has always done its part in attracting foreign investors. They are keen on developing a structure that would increase employment in India along with making the market delivering healthy outcomes to the investors. 

  • Locational Advantage:

India is surrounded by a large market. Be it East, West, or North; it is surrounded by a lot of foreign markets. India has connectivity to the distant market through the air, water, and land. The country has an area of over three million square kilometers, with over seven thousand kilometers of coastline. The availability of a lot of resources locally along with the availability of water, energy, and manpower is another significant factor supporting the growth.

  • Easy process of getting a license for business:

The Indian government is making a lot of reforms to ease business inside India. The method of getting a permit for a business is quite more natural in comparison to various other developing markets. “The Business incorporating in India by US clients has increased by 27% after the start of Make in India programme by Indian Government. ~ Vishnu Krishna, Director, Octagona India, a market entry consulting firm in India”

  • Availability of numerous international banks:

The availability of a considerable number of foreign banks in the country makes it easy to keep track of the transactions and investments. Keeping track of records of payments is more comfortable if they are made through a bank. Also, keeping the money in banks ensures it to be in safe hands. The services offered by banks helps save a lot of time.

  • Great Results:

Statistically, there is a lot of improvement in investor satisfaction as far as the corporate earnings are concerned.  A lot of investors consider India as their biggest market. 

Considering all the above-mentioned reasons, an investor would definitely want to invest in India. A lot of eyes are on the Indian market, and it is definitely going to get more prominent in the coming years.

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