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Seven tips for your camping gear including portable generator

Camping beneath the Milky Way to the cacophony of night sounds in three-hundred-sixty-degree audio can be mesmerizing, but the moments between these amazing experiences and everyday wilderness survival can be less than enjoyable if you are caught in the wild without the right gear. From survival to personal cleanliness, you require a variety of gadgets and gear to make weekend life without modern amenities as enjoyable as seeing fire spray for the first time. Fire spray, for instance, is the unbelievably beautiful mist off a waterfall captured in the sun as it descends below the horizon, and you will never make it up a trail to see such a waterfall if you do not have the right shoes.

1. Shoes

Speaking of shoes, you will require ones that have deep enough tread to navigate shifting terrain sprinkled with pebbles, rocks, and branches. Deep tread captures protrusions between the surrounding sole, which will help you walk without feeling as if you are traversing shards of cement. Additionally, you will likely need hiking boots that provide enough ankle support to protect against sprains. Hiking sneakers are also a lightweight option, which provides ample tread as well as ankle support.

When it comes to shoes, it is always best to have two pairs in case one gets wet. You should also make sure you have backup laces.

2. Bed

A sleeping bag might be nice, but there are plenty of full-size or queen-size memory-foam mattresses that fold up into a compact shape and then unfold and expand to what amounts to a standard bed. Foam mattresses come in a variety of thicknesses. If you want a truly comfortable experience, you can opt for a 12-inch mattress. However, they also come in thicknesses of six or eight inches, which can make packing easier. Foam mattresses are better than air mattresses as they do not require a pump, and there is no danger of puncturing your bed.

Whatever type of bed you get, you should keep it on a floor mat to protect against bugs and sharp objects.

3. Generator

Of course, if you have an air mattress and an air pump, you probably also have other electronic gadgets to make your life easy. Whether it powers a personal fan or a small refrigerator, electricity makes your life luxurious. Additionally, you might have a radio, portable television, or a laptop. Whatever your gear, it will require a generator if you want to have power out in the woods.

The most important thing about a generator is having one that will not fail you. Gas generators are reliable workhorses, and battery-powered generators often come with solar panels for steady recharging. However, if you purchase a low-quality generator, you might as well have nothing at all. If you purchase a reliable one, such as those made by Honda, you are guaranteed electricity when you need it. Additionally, a Honda generator place will offer multiple types of generators to suit your specific camping needs.

In terms of a generator, you must ensure to have enough gasoline. Additionally, a gas-powered generator must remain in the open air because exhaust fumes can be deadly.

4. Gear pack

A backpack will hold an extra change of clothes, some food, and even small electronics. It will also house a first-aid kit as well as your phone and water bottle. However, a fully loaded backpack can become burdensome. Consequently, you might want a waist pack for short hikes as you can carry your phone, some food, and some water without having to haul around twenty extra pounds. For camping that extends into the water, you might want a simple arm pack that can carry a waterproof bag full of snacks or medicine.

Whatever type of gear back you get, you should always have bear spray or pepper spray within easy reach.

5. Survival gear

For times that require emergency action, you should have what is known as a gear grenade. A gear grenade is a rope or bungee cord that can wrap into a tight ball. When you need a rope, all you have to is unwind it. However, these types of grenades are also equipped with whistles, knives, or fishing lures.

Other features in a gear grenade include the following.

- waterproof bag

- hooks for climbing

- carabiner

- fire starter

For ease of use, a gear grenade attaches to your belt via a clip, so you should make sure it stays clasped as you walk.

6. Tent

A one-room tent will successfully bed your or one other person. A larger tent will accommodate a small group or family. However, space is not the most important feature of a tent. In fact, the best parts of a tent are the ones that are not even noticed.

 - rainfly: helps divert rain from seams

- metal grommets: will not break

- tie stakes: keep your tent secure in heavy wind

- high poly count: helps protect against rain

- windows: allow for a breeze

- sunroom: provides a space to enjoy the outdoors while being protected against bugs

- quick installation: allows you to pitch your tent in minutes

In terms of your tent, you should practice pitching it and taking it down prior to getting to camp.

7. Bug spray

One law of the woods is that bugs are always present. Sweat bees search for moisture, and mosquitoes are out for blood. In the woods, it is war. Simply put, pack the bug spray.

The best tip for bug spray is to ensure it does not have any chemicals poisonous to humans. All-natural bug spray can keep you protected and also protect the environment.

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