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Shape Your Dream Career : Study MBBS in China!

Pursuing medical studies from abroad is a fancy for many students. This dream gets fulfilled for some but remains incomplete for many. The fact is, not everyone has a great fortune in achieving their dream. Lack of sufficient funds and also guidance are the two main reasons for leaving such dreams unachieved. Nevertheless, in recent times, many educational agencies have emerged that can make your dream of studying abroad come true. They aid a student in selecting the choicest institutes and suitable courses.

Pursuing an MBBS degree from a foreign university has become the latest trend. Students from India are traveling abroad to get a recognized MBBS degree for a prospective future. Some of the best foreign institutes that confer MBBS degrees are located in China, U.K, U.S.A, Philippines and others to name a few. Hence if you want to study MBBS in China, it is advisable to go through the host of advantages of pursuing it.

Let us briefly look at the reasons why it is worth to study MBBS in China:

  1. Recognized medical institutes: To study medicine in China for international students, the country is ideal in the sense that China has the reputation of having around 45 medical institutes that are recognized and approved by MCI(Medical Council of India) and WHO(World Health Organisation). So if you are worried about how much recognized will the degree be, remove all such thoughts right away!

  1. Affordable fee-structure: Often people have the tendency to think that studying abroad requires sufficient funds. This is right in most of the cases but solely depends on which institute you have selected. But for any institute in China, you can be rest assured that the fee structure is quite affordable, comparable to that in numerous private colleges in India. Thus the students can easily enrol themselves without the need to worry on the financial front.

  1. A common medium of communication: Many people wonder that travelling to China would require the ability to converse in Chinese. Such prejudices should be done away with because the people there do know English very well. As a result, the medium of instruction in the institutes would also be in English. Thus the students would not face any problem in grasping the course and instructions of the teachers and this is one of the factors that has made medical education in China so much achievable.

  1. Economical Accommodation: If you are anxious to know whether there are suitable accommodations within your budget or not, do not worry anymore. The country has one of the most affordable accommodation facilities that will be easier for your pocket as well as provide you with the basic facilities.

  1. Direct Admission: If you fulfill the requirements to study medicine in China, you need not worry about anything anymore. The medical institutes in China pride themselves of providing direct admission without any donation. Only the admission fee is required to be paid and once you are a confirmed student of the institute, no more extra charges would be levied on you.

  1. No pre-admission criteria: You will be surprised to know that to get admission in the medical institutes of China, you don’t have to give any admission test. Admission is strictly based on merit and your class 12 marks will be considered.

  1. Upgraded infrastructural facility: The medical institutes in China are renowned for its world class infrastructural facilities. The campus area is far and wide with the latest mode of communication in the classrooms, equipment and other requirements. Some of the renowned institutes are China Three Gorges University, Wuhan University, Nantong University and many more.

Conclusion: From the above highlighted factors, it is clear that opting China as the destination to pursue MBBS will never disappoint you, given the amount of facilities provided to the students. You will not only fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor by studying abroad but also have a bright career in the future.

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