Shaping A Global Citizen: The Impact Of International Schools On Student


We are living in an increasingly interconnected world. The rise of the digital economy and the role played by technology have created a truly globalized world. Individuals are no more restricted in terms of opportunities and prefer moving to new countries and continents for the best living conditions, amenities and education. 

In this regard, the emergence of International Schools that subscribe to a global curriculum has come to the aid of students. Professionals that are moving around in different parts of the world prefer their kids to learn more about new cultures, interact with different nationalities and prepare themselves for higher education. 

However, it should be pointed out that some sections say that international schools do not offer anything special. Rather, they criticize them because of the high fee structure. In this article, we are going to look at how the best ones like Invictus International School are shaping a global citizen. 

International Schools: Why you should consider sending your children to one

There is no doubt that there are multiple advantages of sending your children to international schools. Some of them have been mentioned below-

  1. There is a wide cross-section of students that attend international schools. Most of the children come from diplomatic backgrounds. This means that in terms of learning about different cultures, your child would grow up respecting and honoring them. 
  2. In terms of interaction with other students, you can rest assured that they will be studying in the best environment. This is because international schools attract well-to-do members of society who are successful in their different fields. 
  3. International schools offer a lot of student exchange programs. This can help your child get additional global exposure and add to his bright educational resume. This can play a very important role in his or her college admissions
  4. When questions or concerns of infrastructure are taken into considerations, few schools can match up to international schools. World-class faculty, playing areas, cafeterias, laboratories, etc. are built to the highest standards. 
  5. Given the importance of technology in teaching, international schools take the lead. They use the best and latest smart and connected technologies to create an exhilarating learning environment for their students. This is unmatched when compared to others. 

Shaping the Global Citizen: The Reason for Selecting International Schools

One of the most important points that a parent needs to consider is the Educational Curriculum. In most countries of the world, the standard of education is not very decent. What if, as a parent, you have to move there for your professional opportunities, career, business, or other reasons?

Your child will suffer when he employs in a school that has a local and poor curriculum. When they leave school and try to apply to the best colleges and universities, their applications might get rejected. Imagine how tough it would become for your child to get a promising future. 

The best international schools follow a global curriculum. Universally, the Cambridge curriculum is considered one of the best ones in the world. The major advantage is that students who complete their schooling post the Cambridge Curriculum can apply to every single college and university in the world. 

It is globally accepted as the norm when it comes to the highest levels of quality education. Additionally, international schools try to teach students about different happenings and aspects of the world. This helps the student get an overall idea about different countries, economies, and societies. 

The Bottom Line

In the last few years, a lot of schools claiming themselves to be international are springing up in different parts of the world. Parents should do thorough research, including visiting the campus and all facilities of the school before making a selection. 

An international school can prepare a child for facing the world. It can help shape a global identity that will allow the child to prosper in any situation, condition, or country. If you wish to know more about international schools, let us know in the comments section below.