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Shopping Made Easier During A Pandemic

While the pandemic rages on and most of us remain confined to our homes, activities like shopping have to be restricted as well. But that does not mean you have to put a stop to your retail therapy. Businesses around the UK have come up with solutions so that their customers can keep up with their shopping with minimal risk.

The 'click and collect' facility is the latest in the list of new ventures to make shopping less risky for everyone, the store workers and customers. Read on if you are not familiar with 'click and collect' and are looking for more information.

What is 'Click and Collect'?

As the name suggests, this feature literally allows you to 'click' on the things you wish to purchase and you can go and 'collect' them from a designated spot at a later time.

 Why Is This Feature Relevant Right Now?  

This feature makes it easier for customers to have a contactless shopping experience. At the moment, this contactless shopping experience is safer for store workers and customers both. Customers have the freedom to pick up the goods at their convenience while having minimal to no contact with the store workers. So, both are safer.

Since contactless shopping is the need of the hour, this click and collect feature has found favour with customers who do not wish to give up their retail therapy. They also save on delivery charges that they would have to pay if they had opted for online delivery. The wait time for goods to be delivered when orders are placed online is also higher.

How to Use the 'Click and Collect' Feature?  

To use the 'click and collect' feature, you have to log in to the website of the business from which you want to make your purchases. Here is a step-by-step guide to make shopping easier for you.

1.     Log in to the website of the business you want to purchase from. To use the M&S click and collect you have to go to the M&S website.

2.     You will get a catalogue of products that are available. You can scan through them and click on the ones you wish to purchase. Add them to your cart.

3.     You will next be asked to select a collection spot from where you can pick up the goods you have purchased. If you are shopping using the M&S click and collect feature then you can pick the M&S store that is closest to you to pick up the things you have purchased. Next, pick the time slot at which you will collect the goods.

4.     Your order will be confirmed via an email or text.

5.     You have to make your payment next.

6.     You can go to the designated collection spot at the designated time and you will get your products. Make sure you are able to produce the email or text confirming your order.

7.     Things are slightly different for Morrisons Click and Collect. Here, you can select your things and make payments. Then, you will receive an email or text with your order reference, time slot, collection spot and a link. When you arrive at the designated spot you can click on the link to indicate that you are available to collect your things. You can produce the order reference and you will have your goods in next to no time. Shopping is this easy with Morrisons Click and Collect.

To Conclude

'Click and Collect' has made shopping easier and less risky for most people. So, it is no surprise to see more and more people opting to use this feature. It is easy, fast, cheap, convenient and safe in the times of a pandemic. More and more businesses which have not rolled out this feature yet are opting to introduce 'click and collect' services for the convenience of their customers.

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