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Should you Carry your Firearm openly or keep it concealed

If you were concerned about your safety and that of your loved ones, carrying a gun could defend you and your family. It is also the highest responsibility, as carrying a firearm involves you following several protocols.

Consider gaining detailed knowledge about using a gun.

Before you learn about using a gun, consider learning about the ways to carry a gun. Rest assured that carrying a gun concealed in a holster is not the only way to carry it. You could also open carry a gun.

Let us explore the difference between concealed carry and open carry.

Understanding concealed carry

An easy-to-understand definition of concealed carry is carrying a gun without it seen. However, the gun would not be visible, but the holster in which you carry the gun would be seen easily.

Carrying a gun in a concealed manner would leave the other people unaware of its presence.

Concealed carry has several forms.

  • The classic shoulder
  • An ankle holster
  • A belt holster
  • A thigh holster
  • A shirt with a pocket to conceal a pistol
  • An off-body concealed carry with a purse, bag, or a backpack

Often, the concealed carry purses come equipped with more security features than concealed carry backpacks.

Benefits of concealed carry

Find below a few essential benefits offered by concealed carry.

  • A concealed carry would not make your gun visible to others.
  • Concealing your gun would help in mixing in the crowd without anybody knowing of you carrying a firearm. It would reduce your chances of becoming a suspect.
  • The concealed carry would help you keep your element of surprise.
  • It keeps you from making people nervous about you carrying a gun

Most people who were unfamiliar with local laws of carrying a firearm would panic and call the authorities on you for openly carrying a gun.

Understanding open carry

Open carry is the opposite of concealed carry. The question to ponder upon would be whether you should openly carry a firearm. When you carry a gun without a holster, it would be easily visible to others.

The most common firearm carried openly is the slung rifle and a shotgun. However, a handgun is often seen carried in a holster. Open carry implies carrying a gun with ease of access, but not actively handling the gun.

However, if you were holding a firearm in your hand or a shooting position, it would not imply open carry. It would also refer to a loaded firearm.

It would be pertinent to mention here that loaded does not mean having a bullet or round in the chamber, it could imply having ammunition on you.

However, the definition could vary from one state to another.

Various states have laws restricting the open carry capabilities of a firearm.

Benefits of open carry

Open carry implies firearm is relatively easier to access. You do not have to go through your clothes to access a concealed weapon or the holster to draw your gun.

It would save you precious time during unforeseen circumstances.

It would make open carry an attractive mode for people looking forward to accessing their guns in a short time.

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