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Should You Dust Or Vacuum First When Cleaning?

Keeping our homes clean isn’t as easy as it seems. You have to think through what tools to use to keep your home tidy and clean exclusive furniture and slabs. But among these thoughts, an unexpected question arises. Should you dust first or vacuum?

People seem to be confused with it a lot. This article will discuss if you should dust first or vacuum first, and we will justify our decision. The answer will be a justification to both sides. But before jumping into the topic wholly, let’s discuss why it is necessary to clean our homes regularly. 

Why should dust removal be regular?

As a homeowner, you must dust or vacuum your house because you must keep the place you stay hygienic. Nowadays, at least two or three family members suffer from dust allergies due to the growing pollution.

So, keeping in mind the health perspective and their well-being, it is much required to remove dust regularly. It will also help remove germs, allergens, and other bacteria from various corners and things from your house like carpets, curtains, etc.

Also, during the pandemic era, it is crucial to keep our homes sanitized to keep the germ and virus away from our daily lives. You can search for professionals like Omaha house cleaning services on the internet.

Why does dusting make sense before vacuuming?

Many research and articles say that dusting comes first, but people choose vacuum before dusting for time-consuming reasons. Dusting before can be helpful in many ways; it will clean out more than half of the dust particles, which will make the cleaning process cleaner and less time-consuming.

We all know that a vacuum cleaner also affects its waste bag if any unwanted things get inside the vacuum pipe. So it is susceptible to dust before vacuuming.

As a vacuum cleaner is portable, roaming around with it will also spread different clouds of dust all over the place. If you reside in the state of Nebraska, then you must look out for professionals like Omaha house cleaning services.

Why does vacuuming make sense before dusting?

There are several reasons and advantages why vacuuming before dusting makes sense. Honesty, people feel lethargic when it comes to the whole dusting process. As we mentioned earlier, vacuum cleaners consume a lot of nasty particles that dusting can’t help at.

Vacuuming first is not dust clouds the perfect option, but in the case of dusting, many particles lay back. You can find further details on Omaha house cleaning services.


So considering the research and above questions, it is justified that cleaning the house by dusting and vacuuming is equally essential for your well-being and health.

People diagnosed with disorders like OCD, auto-immune diseases, dust allergies, etc., can be helped with the processes of dusting and vacuuming.

Although it is safer to prefer dusting over vacuuming, we have mentioned in the paragraphs mentioned above. With that, we have concluded the article. We hope we could help you with the justifications discussed above.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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