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Should You Follow Your Realtor’s Advice When Buying a Home?

It’s subjective. Depends, whether you two can get along or not !! Buying or selling a house is a Mission- One where you will spend a lot of quality time with your realtor and can be the one where you might even drive him or her a little insane.

Just don’t let anything that can sabotage your chances of getting the right house at the right price instead of not getting a home at all.


1. Be practical and start rightly


Let’s just say, the first thing that comes to our mind in matters of buying or selling the property is a Real estate agent or realtor’s advice. And yes, there is no harm in going solo unless you hold the fundamental knowledge; otherwise, the deal can go crappy for you. Their services are vital because they know about market prices, tackling the details of documents and fillings, etc.  


2. Work with a full-time real estate agent


We all know what it means to work with a professional or get the expert’s advice. Hence the result will be phenomenal. It makes sense to go with the interview approach of several agents before relying on anyone. Try to take advice from the homeowners as they often tend to know many realtors or help you with online reviews. By learning the personal experiences of people won’t let you face the same mistakes. 


3. Take the interviews seriously


It’s essential to take this step rightly as getting good advice, a smooth communication system, and having the best shot of the deal are the ingredients of a good investment. Here's comes your intuitions-- to guide you correctly. Hire someone who is voguish and has experience in the industry by asking how long you have been serving in this business, how many homes you and your team have helped clients buy and sell etc. Pick a realtor you feel will suit you the best of services and understand it, even if it won’t be an approved decision with everyone else.


4. Now let’s see how this works 


In terms of selling the property, your realtor may advise you what really buyers are fond of, such as- clean slates, popular locations which are generally newly built or advertised the most on T.V., the realtor can help in the advertisement ( Word of Mouth). For instance- if any furniture, doors, windows, interiors design looks old or odd, bringing in some newer and trendy will take your small investment into more money at the time of sale. And if your agent suggests that you should put some flowers in the living room or spray room freshener just do it. And in case you are the buyer, go for a home inspection in Kanata too because the combination of inspectors and realtors will serve miraculously. Even though the realtors don't want the involvement of the inspector.


5. Clean up or Clear out


Think about it, If you just don’t want your house to be on sale window forever- Declutter the loaded closets regularly. As cluttering of extra furniture, out of the season toys and clothes make the first impression that this house does not have proper closet space. For each showing, make the beds, get dishes out of the sink, deep cleansing of bathrooms and remove laundry from sight and close those toilet seats. If these small things your realtor tells you to do, go for it.

Before you start hunting properties, take financial decisions of mortgage, and get pre-approved by a bank. It will give you a trajectory of your affordability. Instead of taking the advice of real estate agents who will suggest you reach out to some lenders, the realtors won’t show you homes until they know how you plan to pay for a house



Write down the things you like verses you don’t and give it to your realtor. By doing these things, the scenario will be precise between you and your agent; he won’t tell you to add unnecessary items and make you spend big bucks that you don’t want. Plus, he will also be sure whether he can work on this project or not. 

Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes is an student whose experiences in life make her really tougher than anyone else. She can lend you expert tips on diverse topics ranging from relationship to fashion, making money, health and so on. Her write-ups are a window into her thoughts and knowledge.
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