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Should You Rent an Office or Work from Home?

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The coming to light of the non-traditional work setup enriches the options available to entrepreneurs. Should you consider working at home or away from home? Here are a few angles to ponder on:


At work, productivity is determined by several factors. The environmental factors, such as workplace furniture, the right tools and equipment, low noise levels, the proper lighting, and appropriate temperature all contribute to the comfort and productivity levels. This research finding is not at all surprising because workplaces use both science and art to help employees feel the readiness to work. Ergonomics, for one, makes use of science and engineering to optimise employee performance. Sitting in front of your desktop can be strenuous to the eyes and muscles, especially with poor posture. The scientific discipline of ergonomics helps prevent the unhealthy consequences of prolonged sitting. Secondly, the colours painted on your office walls are often strategically chosen to encourage tranquillity, a state which triggers focus and deep thinking the most. On the contrary, working from home can result in over productivity or the lack of. Both are unhealthy and counterproductive. When it comes to colours on your walls, white or light colours are ideal for small spaces. This is because they have a unique ability to make a room seem larger. It adds an area where there is none. 

Affective state

In psychology, this term stems from the Affective Events Theory, which describes human beings as emotional. The impactful emotions affect their feelings about their job, which influences the behaviour and attitude towards work. This is crucial because individuals who work from home are likely to run the risk of cutting their productivity due to pressing emotional issues at home. In the same light, depending on the individual, the lack of human interaction when working from home can negatively affect job performance.


During their first few months, some business start-ups can survive without a proper office. This is a practical way of managing the business. However, when things go well, and the need to expand occurs, extending your operations to the yard may not be the most appropriate solution. When your business is slowly growing, but you aren't ready to buy land and property yet, renting an office or a warehouse is reasonable. There are units to rent in Manchester, which will give you the most value for your money while providing flexible leasing agreements without the stressful requirements.


Entrepreneurs who look are renting their office space is committed to minimising their costs to maximise profit. The chance to grow also extends to the landlord when a lease agreement is signed. The deal creates mutual support which at large, strengthens entrepreneurship. After years of continuing the transaction, the property owner, if he owns the property, would've built a good credit standing which is helpful with branching out. Apart from this, the support from these two businesses increases the opportunity for new business models which lead to innovative opportunities.


When SMEs and established companies share the same working space, the resources are maximised. Less is more, indeed.

Space is a tool that you can use to manage outcomes. If you're torn between conducting your operations at home or in a rented space, the answer lies within your business plans and your risk appetite.

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