Should Your Oil and Gas Business Outsource for IT Support?


While facing a turbulent market, many oil and gas companies are beginning to consider whether outsourcing IT support may be financially beneficial. However, even when the market is favorable, there’s a chance that your company may still benefit from IT support outsourcing.

No matter your company’s size, outsourcing IT can lower costs and improve the quality of support you can offer your staff and customers. Other benefits, such as increased cybersecurity and data protection, can also put your clients at ease, as they know IT experts are protecting their information.

What is IT Outsourcing?

IT outsourcing means hiring another company to provide yours with its technology needs. For most companies, that includes providing or recommending the most secure and up-to-date software and hardware, installing critical security updates, managing their cybersecurity needs, and much more.

Many companies, especially smaller ones, are reluctant to outsource for fears of losing control over their IT department or creating fear in other departments of further outsourcing. However, most IT departments are too small, with too few resources to adequately serve your staff and customers. When handled correctly, outsourcing IT can benefit your team, not disrupt them, by being better equipped to address their needs and issues more effectively and in a more timely manner.

Outsourcing IT for oil and gas companies can be an easy process if you chose the right company to make the switch. When looking for an outsourcing company, be sure they provide the services your company needs. Most oil and gas companies will include cloud infrastructure, desktop, field support, application help, and advisory services.


Why Might Your Business Need IT Outsourcing?

Many oil and gas companies are reluctant to outsource IT because they fear the process will cost more money and time than it’ll save. Outsourcing may not be the best option for every company; however, it can help your business streamline IT support and solve IT support issues that you’re finding difficult to overcome.

There are many tell-tale signs that it’s time you start considering outsourcing your IT services. Oil and gas companies often have to manage disparate programs from a variety of locations. Unlike the average corporate employee, oil and gas employees must often conduct fieldwork with varying network compatibility degrees.

Suppose you struggle with network issues or slowed workflows when employees are out on the field. In that case, an IT specialist can provide potential solutions your company may not offer without outsourcing.

Even when your company isn’t experiencing an issue, outsourcing IT can still increase your productivity. Having experts managing your day-to-day IT operations means that you can spend less time overseeing the IT department and get suggestions from industry experts on how to improve your IT infrastructure.

If your company has a myriad of technological needs, it also may be time to consider outsourcing. Desktops, laptops, tablets, and other devices will need maintenance and updates as your software and security requirements change. Databases, cloud services, and other networks also require constant attention to prevent security risks and hard-to-fix errors.

Why Outsource Rather Than In-House?

While some businesses may find in-house help for their IT needs, the amount of support you’ll need grows exponentially as your business becomes more significant and more successful. Furthermore, those in-house employees will need to continually be retrained in new security risks and new technology if you want your company to stay relevant in the digital age.

As such, it’s often cheaper for oil and gas industries to outsource opposed to attempting to keep an in-house IT team. In-house IT teams are limited in size and the ability to grow. However, when outsourcing, you’ll get the entire company you’re outsourcing to's full resources, including their ever-growing expert teams.

These outsourced teams often receive more training than in-house teams can, and they can bring experience that your in-house team doesn’t have. As such, for less money and with less time wasted on trying to hire the best in-house team, your company can have access to newer technology and more expertise.

IT Outsourcing and Your Business

Outsourcing your IT team can provide your oil or gas business with more technology and expertise while wasting less time and money. Full-time staffers need constant IT training, benefits packages, and even raises as their expertise grows. With outsourcing, you get better-trained employees and more help managing your technology for less money and less management on your part. For many companies, IT outsourcing is a smart and cost-effective way to handle their technological needs.

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