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Shufti Pro Powers Näktergal’s Client ID Verification System

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BATH, UK – (January 9th, 2019) Shufti Pro has partnered with Näktergal to support the digital mortgage platform with their online Client ID Verification system.

According to an article released by the National Mortgage News in the first week of November, customers are more satisfied with the digitized mortgages than with on-paper or manually filed mortgage loans. This is not to completely eliminate the human interaction rather limit it, reducing the manual labor put in by the employees at mortgage lending firms or related financial institutions. Humans are more prone to making an error when filing loan information and gathering information relating to a customer’s identity and background.

Recently, the renowned bank, JP Morgan & Chase, settled a 13 billion USD worth of mortgage fraud by committing even more mortgage frauds, as per the article published by BoingBoing.net, yesterday. It is interesting to note that the mortgage loaning system at JP Morgan & Chase is not digital. The rising mortgage fraud rates in manual and digital mortgage lending processes have necessitated the presence of an identity verification system in order to ensure that the person applying for a mortgage loan is true.

This is exactly why Näktergal, a digital mortgage platform, reached out and partnered with Shufti Pro, an identity verification service that provides KYC and AML solution, trusted by 100+ clients worldwide. Shufti Pro and Näktergal have partnered and integrated Shufti Pro’s IDV solution with their digital mortgage platform, helping secure the user onboarding. Shufti Pro has not only helped in increasing client-consumer trust but also helped boost secure onboarding, reducing fraud rates in return.

Näktergal aims to safeguard its client-base with real-time identity verification services by Shufti Pro, verifying their users within the record time of 30-60 seconds. This not only streamlines their sign-up process, rather makes it frictionless and simple, reducing customer drop-off rates. The companies have decided to work together in order to automate the KYC verification part of the digital mortgage loaning process. The goal is to make it easy for the customers as well as the client through accurately processed identity credentials by smart systems. Watching over the checks performed by the AI and machine learning algorithms is a layer of Human Intelligence where the Human experts scrutinize each verification to ensure error-free results.

This helps Näktergal ensure that their loans are not processed for any fraudulent customer or someone with fake details, who intends to dupe the company by running off with the loan amount, leaving the company in deficit. Together, Näktergal and Shufti Pro aim to revolutionize the digital mortgage industry, making the process easier and more approachable for people.

About Shufti Pro

Shufti Pro is an identity verification SaaS that offers KYC and AML solution to clients worldwide. Using a hybrid approach of AI and HI technology, Shufti Pro keeps accuracy results up to 99.6% high. Having verified users in over 225 countries around the world, Shufti Pro is one of the pioneers in IDV services to cover a good number of countries in a relatively short time of two years.

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You can visit Shufti Pro here:

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About Näktergal

Näktergal is a digital mortgage platform where customers can apply for mortgage loans online, and get them processed automatically. Based in Sweden, the company enables bank challengers to offer cheaper mortgage loans and affordable living to their customers.

Please visit Näktergal here:

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