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Sidney Applebaum and his Accomplishments:

Who is Sidney Applebaum:

Sidney "Sid" Applebaum, an American entrepreneur, was born on 28 February 1924. He was the youngest son of Oscar and Bertha Applebaum. His parents settled in Russia after immigration from the United States. He completed his graduation from Humboldt Senior High School located in West St. Paul and he worked hard to nurture the family business. He married at the age of 22 after he fell in love with Lorraine Smith in 1946.  Sidney had a wonderful life with Lorrain and gave birth to three children: Nancy, Jay, and Ellen. Despite his hectic schedule, he was an ideal husband and father who always put his family first. Nothing was more important to him than his family and Lorraine, his love of life.

He is famous as the cofounder of Rainbow Foods which was a renowned Minnesota grocery chain. His father earned his living by selling door-to-door in St. Paul, Minnesota in a horse-driven wagon. Oscar owned a fruit stand and Sidney Applebaum manhandled soap, bagged rice and, supplied fruits and other items for the fruit stall. That fruit stand held the distinction of the first Applebaum's Food Market. 


Putting in all the efforts, Sidney Applebaum was successful in growing the family business effectively. Starting from fruit stalls and door to door services the family ended up owning 30 Applebaum’s stores around the metro region. The chain was purchased by National Tea Co. in the year 1979, and Applebaum stayed on to work for them. Gateway Foods, then bought the chain after that Sydney Applebaum and D. B. Reinhart, the CEO of Gateway Foods, developed the Applebaum's supermarket chain to become the second-largest in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area by adopting Applebaum's proposal to create Rainbow Foods by converting some of the old Applebaum's stores. Until 1996, Applebaum served as president of Rainbow Foods, which passed through many ownership changes. Applebaum purchased four Holiday Foods locations in Bloomington, Fridley, Plymouth, and Burnsville in 1997. The stores were vended to Supervalu and transformed to Cub Foods outlets eighteen months later. Sidney Applebaum founded the retail liquor businesses Big Top Liquors and Sid's Discounted Liquors in 1978 with the aid of his children Nancy, Ellen, and Jay Applebaum. He received several honors and reputations and was active in the Twin Cities community. According to his children, he assisted in the organization of the St. Paul Winter Carnival as well as the Olympic Fiesta.

Sydney Applebaum’s Joke on SNL:

The joke on Sidney Applebaum will only make you laugh if you are already aware of the backstory or if you witness Bill Hader laughing hysterically by breaking his serious-appearing persona on it while watching Saturday Night Live. As a fun fact, in order to enjoy the joke in its entirety, you must first dive into history.  To tell a joke without historical context is absurd. The joke is centered on a non-sequitur from Woody Allen's classic comedy "Love and Death," in which the general declares that "His victory will make the world remember his name as Sidney Applebaum." This was one of the few non sequiturs in the film that made it fantastic and unquestionably amusing. 

While performing well on Saturday Night Live, Stefon, a comedic genius, set the stage for the audience by vividly imagining a Halloween party“. There was a Jewish counterpart of Blackula- the black Dracula named Sidney Applebaum,” he says while adding. The host and the crowd both broke out laughing. There are two possible explanations for why they laughed. At first, they might have thought Dracula's moniker was hip and amusing. However, it turns out to be lame and commonplace, given in a mocking manner. Or, maybe, Dracula would be horrendous for the guests that they would be able to forget him, just way Sidney Applebaum is still known across the world, but only in my imagination. 


Sidney Applebaum and Lorraine, his life partner, would have commemorated their 70th joyful and prosperous wedding anniversary had nature not intervened. Sidney died on August 6, 2016, at the age of 92, leaving behind a large family including his wife Lorraine, three daughters, eight grandsons, and five great-grandchildren, as well as adorable nieces and nephews. He was a successful man who, fortunately, was able to balance his personal and professional lives. His family is left with just his memories to cherish and his teachings to use in their daily lives.

Minnesota Grocers Association honored Sidney as "Grocer of the Century" for his tireless professional endeavors in the grocery sector. His character was brilliantly characterized by his principles, work enthusiasm, and determination. Sidney was also named "Market Watch Leader" in 2014 for his performance with Big Top Liquors.

He has always valued, respected, and assisted persons with disabilities throughout his life.


That was all about Sidney Applebaum’s life and his contributions. His efforts express his personality and gives his intro about who is Sidney Applebaum and his journey of life.


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