Signs You Have a Slab Leak

wasting water - water leaking from hole in a hose

Your home is more than likely your most expensive asset. There are always repairs to be made, with some being more expensive than others. For some, the slab becomes an issue. And, when you think you have a slab leak, you need to look at the signs to help with a correct diagnosis. 

When you suspect you have a slab leak, there are some signs that can point you in this direction. 

Water Bill

One factor that can do this is by noticing your water bill has suddenly skyrocketed. Water usage typically happens when you have guests over for a period of time, but if you haven’t had any guests and you notice your water bill has jumped suddenly, then you may have a slab leak. Water leaking here leaks constantly, and you water bill will show it.



If you notice that carpet in your home is damp in spots all the time, that can be a sign of a slab leak. Also, if you notice that any hardwood you have starts to warp, then that can be a sign as well. Many times the warping can be subtle, and that’s the time to have your slab inspected by professionals who can diagnose exactly what the problem is.

Water Pooling

Sometimes you can see you’ve got water pooling in areas where there isn’t any water source, then you may have a slab leak. You can look on the outside of your home to see if water is coming from the foundation, or, if there is water pooling up inside the house for no apparent reason, you may have a slab leak.

Hot Water Heaters

Hot water heaters can be heard running many times. If you notice that yours is running all the time, then there is water movement in the pipes. If you notice this, and you know there are no faucets open letting water pass through, you may have a slab leak. At the same time, you may notice a decrease in water pressure in your pipes. That is a sure sign that water is moving, and it may be coming from your slab.


With water comes mold. Mold can be devastating for your home. If you notice that there’s mold growing on the underside of your carpet and in your walls, you may have a slab leak problem. This can be a fairly expensive repair, as well as being a health issue. Slab leak repair Arlington can find and fix the slab leak problem so you can get that unhealthy mold out of your house forever.

Floor Changes

Sometimes the hot water side will cause a different problem, and that is part of your floor seems to feel hot. If you have water leaking from the hot water side, that water can heat the concrete above it. And, if the concrete gets heated, then your floor will become heated, and that means you could have a possible slab leak that needs immediate repair.

Your home is a prized possession. It’s the place you raise your family and a place where thousands of memories are made. You want your home to be safe for your family to live in, and that all starts with the foundation. A bad foundation can cause structural problems in your home that can result in major repairs, and that means major bills cost of repairs. If you think you may have a slab leak, look for the signs, and call Accurate Leak for slab leak repair in Arlington to get the repairs to your slab done right.