Silver Wedding Ideas - This Is How You Celebrate the 25th Anniversary


Every celebration lives from the original ideas that the organizers develop - often with the active support of the guests - to honor the occasion or the anniversaries. A silver wedding usually offers plenty of material to create imaginative program items.

Silver Wedding - Ideas How to Surprise the Married Couple

A silver wedding is the 25th anniversary of marriage. Some original ideas for the celebration can be found by obtaining information about the process and design of the "original celebration" and recreating individual elements.

Visit for some gift ideas for this special day. You can also Find out if and which games were held back then. If skits were performed, feel them - adapted to today's conditions - after. That usually brings a lot of amusing moments, as it is well known that some things have changed in twenty-five years.

Decoration for a Silver Wedding Anniversary Event

One topic is roughly given by the term silver wedding: the choice of colors. Of course, silver does not have to be reflected dominantly in the color design, but gold tones should only be used discreetly, if at all. As is well known, they stand for the golden wedding, which is only celebrated 25 years later. Otherwise, you can choose all the variations that suit you and give your celebration a festive setting.

Silver Wedding Anniversary: ​​How About a Second Honeymoon?

This special event is, of course, ideal for going on your honeymoon for the second time. Thus, old memories are awakened, and you can relax and unwind. The children are usually so old that you can safely leave them at home.

If you were already on your honeymoon back then, it would, of course, be nice to visit the place from back then. But also a big dream trip, which one has wanted for years, can be tackled on this occasion. Even with a smaller budget, you don't have to miss out on a nice trip.

Silver Wedding Gifts

In contrast to the wedding ceremony 25 years ago, the household of a silver wedding couple is already complete. You can therefore usually forget about kitchen machines and co. (Unless they are expressly requested!).

Congratulations, Sayings, and Poems

Festive congratulations and atmospheric poems for the positive setting are traditional components of a silver wedding. Whether you choose dignified poetry or sociable rhymes is entirely up to you.

Speeches for the Silver Wedding

Writing authentic speeches is not that difficult. The mere fact that one was asked to address a few words to the anniversaries shows great trust. And with this feeling of friendship, you should get down to writing. Suggestions, examples, and formulation aids are always good and help with the first lines. Find the best speeches from known poets or online speech writers.

25 Years Offer a Lot to Celebrate

The number of years that have passed since the marriage also offers all sorts of starting points for developing ideas for the design of the silver wedding anniversary celebration. Here are some suggestions:

The number 25 can be an occasion for congratulations of a slightly different kind. In this way, the guests can collect as many different good wishes and write them on colored cards, which are then hung on a ribbon to decorate the party room.

Decorate the tables with details from twenty-five years. These can be personal items, such as the first romper of the first child or records released in a specific year.

Put together a booklet in which guests compile memories and contributions from the past 25 years. Photos complete the review.